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It is undeniable that luxury car rental in Dubai is a thriving industry. After all, the weather here enables people to drive such vehicles all year round, and for lots of visitors, it becomes a great opportunity to try a new experience. But before rushing in, it is worth discovering the basics about rental services in general and rules in Dubai in particular.

What Do You Need to Rent a Luxury Car in Dubai?

Expectedly, there are a number of requirements the person has to comply with in order to use the services of a luxury car rental in Dubai. It is necessary to prepare the documents, ensure you comply with the driver requirements, and make a proper choice of the company and the vehicle.

Required Documents

The first document a driver will need is their passport. For those with multiple documents of this kind, it will be necessary to provide the one used for entering the country. The second obligatory document is an international driver’s license. Octane Luxury Car Rental can assist tourists with visas to obtain such a license if necessary. For citizens of the United Arab Emirates, it will be necessary to provide their local driver’s license.


To become eligible to rent a luxury car, the driver has to match some criteria as well. Firstly, according to local rules, they have to be at least 25 years old. In addition to that, their driving experience has to be more than three years.

Choosing a Rental

Many companies enable visitors to rent a sports car, although it is necessary to make an informed choice. Multiple aspects of the business have to be taken into account. For example, if you don’t speak Arabic, it is worth ensuring that the company’s employees speak English.

Other aspects that the tourists should discover beforehand include the assortment of luxury cars and SUVs, availability of car delivery services, provision of baby car seats, and, of course, the prices. Decent companies have official websites where everyone can discover all these details.

Choosing a Car

For tourists who do not drive these kinds of vehicles on a regular basis, it might be beneficial to learn more about the features of the cars. The market is full of exotic cars, SUVs, and other unusual vehicles. Of course, it is possible to try them all, but it would be better for the driver to learn the basics before rushing in. The most vital details about the vehicles are available on the websites of rental companies, and it is especially important to discover them for SUVs.

How to Rent a Luxury Car?

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This section will serve as a guide for tourists who wish to rent an exotic sports vehicle or an SUV in Dubai. It will include all the steps you need to perform to get the desired car, as well as some additional tips to make the experience even smoother.

Step 1: Choose the Company

First things first, it is necessary to select the rental company. There are lots of enterprises to choose from in Dubai, which might make the process quite difficult. The overall quality is similar between different rentals, so the best idea would be to look for a personalized service for a reasonable price.

Step 2: Prepare the Documents

As already mentioned earlier, the driver will be required to provide their passport and a valid international driver’s license. Some rentals may have additional requirements, so it is worth contacting them first. For example, with Octane Luxury Car Rent, these are the two only documents you’ll need, and companies like this are ready to assist with getting an international license.

Step 3: Choose the Vehicle

Browse the fleet of the company you’ve selected and make a choice. Typically, you can discover a lot of details on rental websites to make an informed decision. For example, on the website of Octane Luxury Car Rent, you can discover various characteristics of the vehicles, starting with their engine power and ending with their max speed. It might be especially important to learn these details in case you’re planning to rent an SUV.

Step 4: Book the Vehicle

Contact your rental company and inform them about your choice. Arrange the duration of the rent and the additional services that might be required. For instance, in case a car delivery is needed, it is necessary to arrange it with the rental. Make sure to inform them about any preferences you have, starting with baby car seats and ending with languages spoken by the employees.

Step 5: Enjoy the Ride

Submit the deposit for the car, pay the rental fee, and enjoy the ride. You will be free to use the vehicle to drive around Dubai for the period of the rent. The deposits are typically returned within a month after the car is returned to ensure there were no damages during its exploitation.

What Does Octane Luxury Car Rental?

This company offers a wide variety of vehicles to choose from. The list includes convertibles, electric cars, luxury and sports exotic cars, and even SUVs. The range of models is also diverse, especially for SUVs. The fleet of Octane Luxury Car Rental features vehicles of the following brands:

  • Bentley (Bentayga and Continental);
  • BMW (x5. x6. and x7);
  • Chevrolet (Corvette and Tahoe);
  • Cadillac Escalade;
  • Ferrari (Roma, Portofino, 488, and F8);
  • Lamborghini (Urus, Huracan, Aventador);
  • Toyota Land Cruiser;
  • Mercedes (G63 AMG, GLS, S-class);
  • Ford Mustang;
  • Nissan (Patrol and GT-R);
  • Porsche (Boxster, 911, Cayenne, Taycan);
  • Rolls Royce (Cullinan, Dawn, Ghost, and Wraith).

The company offers options to rent a luxury car both for the short term and the long term. The prices start from 550 AED per day, although they vary depending on the model selected. You can always visit the website to discover up-to-date information about every option to rent an SUV in Dubai, as well as details regarding other vehicles provided.

Benefits of Choosing Octane Luxury Car Rental

The main benefit of choosing this company is the personalized service provided to the customers. This rental is flexible enough to match almost every possible set of preferences. The employees speak English, Russian, and Arabic, making it easy and comfortable to communicate.

A 24/7 car delivery to a wide range of destinations in Dubai is provided as well. And if you decide to rent a sports car for the long term, you will get a significant discount. Baby car seats are provided for free, and the vehicles themselves come with a range of amenities. It includes chargers, sanitizers, bottled water, and even Wi-Fi for some models.

International Visa and Mastercard cards or cash are accepted as payment methods. It will be necessary to make a deposit, which will be returned within thirty days after the vehicle is returned. The amount of the deposit is different for every model, but the corresponding information is available on the website.




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