Look After Your Finances by Renting Cars Instead

Owning your own car is often considered a luxury, and people often strive to earn enough money to be able to purchase one. However, for those that don’t need, or don’t want to drive their car on a frequent basis, owning a car may actually be a huge waste of money.

Not only have you got to pay the price of the car, but then you also have to pay for the insurance, tax and any breakdown cover. So, a brilliant alternative to car ownership, is to rent a car instead. This will give you great sense of freedom when selecting cars, and will also do your bank account plenty of favors. But, people are still unaware of the ways it could benefit them.

You may be wondering where to find a good car hire service? Well, these days, there are a multitude of great comparison sites, and all you’ll need to do is perform a quick search on Google. I did the same and found Holidayautos.com. Using this site you can easily compare car hire offer in worldwide and save up to 40% on car rental.

Anyway, here are 5 times you should opt for rental instead of purchase…

1 – Moving to a New House

If you’re relocating, and you need to move all of your possessions to a new house, then rental is definitely an excellent option. You can select a vehicle that is adequately sized for the job, and you can also split the costs between everyone that is involved. When the task is finished, and you no longer require a huge vehicle, then you can just return it and stop the payments.

2 – Living in a Populated Area

If you work or live in a crowded city, then it’s wise to rent rather than purchase a car. That’s because it’s often better to use public transport, so that you can avoid parking fees, getting stuck in heavy traffic or fuel costs. Then, whenever you need a car for a road trip, or to visit family members, you can just rent one out. By doing this, you won’t be paying for car insurance unnecessarily.

3 – Vacation

This is one of the more obvious times when rental would be better than purchase. If you’re flying abroad, you won’t be able to take a car with you, but you may need one once you’re there. So, it makes sense to try and find a cheap rental deal that suits your needs perfectly. If you’re struggling to find an appropriate deal, then there is a plethora of comparison sites for car rentals nowadays.

4 – Special Occasions

Sometimes, the car that you currently own just isn’t suitable for a special occasion, such as a business event, fancy party or a wedding. But, upgrading your car won’t be financially viable, plus you may only require a more luxurious car for that particular occasion. So, you can look for a rental deal and save lots of money.

5 – Going on a Road Trip

If you own an older car with lots of miles clocked up on it, then it may be good idea to rent a more reliable car with breakdown cover included, rather than buy a new one. This way, you can save your cash, keep your existing car, and still go on a road trip with the assurance that the car will get you there safe and sound. It doesn’t really make sense to purchase a new car just because you’re going on a long journey, if your current one still performs well on a daily basis.



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