A Look at Some of The Best American Muscle Cars

Cars are a man’s best friend, and America’s muscle cars are easily some of the most iconic. From the Camaro to the Mustang, and the Charger to the Buick GSX, there are so many to choose from when it comes to the best cars. In fact, it’s exceptionally difficult to pinpoint the best cars from such a luxurious and fun range. The best place to experience an American muscle car and all of its power is on the straight open roads of America – their birth place. If you’re considering heading over to the States for the perfect driving experience, then it is important that you secure your US Visa first. Without further ado, here is a list of some of the very best American muscle cars for you to try, and maybe even call your own.

1970 Ford Mustang Boss 302

This is the high performance variation of the traditional Ford Mustang, and produces 290 horsepower and 290 ft-lb of Torque. With a powerful engine, reflective c-stripe, and a front spoiler, this really was one of the best American muscle cars perfect for racing. In fact, it was actually used in Trans-Am racing and experienced plenty of recognition and awards.

1969 Chevrolet Camaro Z28

This market the last of the first generation of Camaro muscle cars, and featured a new and aggressive look that was never seen before. The Z28 was the track ready variation and was perfect for a fan of road racing. It features dual exhausts, special suspension, heavy-duty radiator, quick-ratio steering and 15×7 inch rally wheels. Producing 290 horsepower and 290 ft-lb of Torque it really was one of the very best of its time.

1969 Dodge Charger R/T-SE

This car is easily one of the most recognisable of all American muscle cars and is arguably one of the most popular. The R/T SE package didn’t change very much on the already incredible car. With a new split front grille, full-width tail lamps and a six-cylinder engine really helped the car to roar. The vehicle produced a whopping 425 Horsepower and 490 ft-lb of Torque, and it was easy to see how and why this car made its way onto the NASCAR track.

1968 Shelby Mustang GT500-KR

The Shelby Mustang was a cute little convertible, and received the name after the Smith Company battled with the ever popular Ford Mustang. The fibreglass nose resembled the more aggressive look of Ford’s model, and with the 427 Low Rise engine available in this particular model, it’s easy to see why it became so popular. Pumping out 360 Horsepower with 440 ft-lb of Torque this furious car really is one to make the top of the list.

Cadillac DeVille 1976

This was the last year of the generation of Cadillac Devilles, and with brand new colours and plenty of options to choose from the car really was a popular choice. With cabriolet roofs, and the distinctive stand-up ornament alongside plenty of other luxurious additions, this car is the perfect one to show off in.




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