LELO F1s Developers Kit Red Review: Self-Pleasure Meets the Future

A lot of people struggle with stress relief. There are many factors that can affect one’s ability to cope. It can be anything from a busy schedule, a lack of money, absence of support, or even a drought in motivation. Trying to take away stress regularly is a burden. Lucky for you, there is a readily available way to relieve stress. It takes no effort, can take as short (or as long), and as frequent as you like. Best of all, it is absolutely free.

Masturbation is a great way to relieve yourself of stress – and you can do it by your lonesome. While most people use the manual method of masturbating, one can also use alternatives. Sex toys for example are great and can enhance the masturbation experience. These toys can give you a completely new world of possibilities, from positions, sensations, and more. They literally come in many shapes and forms.

A Desire for Realism

From personal experience, realism is the key when it comes to sex toys.

Newer sex toys are amazing in this regard. Not only do they look like the real thing, they can also feel like one. A lot of sex toys try to emulate the sensations by using different materials. Plastic for example is a popular material used to simulate skin. It is cheap, easy to clean, and can do the job. A step above that is silicone, which feels more real, although at a higher price tag.

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Others try to add variables to the pleasure experienced. Basic ones offer contours and pressure pads to help stimulate you. Others can even offer movement, in the form of vibration. The movement stimulates your genitals by creating various pleasure points. This creates a more vivid and enjoyable experience. Advanced models even let you control the intensity and frequency of these effects.

While these features are amazing, some toys take it to a completely new level. That’s why I’ve decided to review the LELO F1s.

A Modern Upgrade

The LELO F1s Developers Kit Red seamlessly combines sex toys with today’s modern technology. It is the next genereation of the growing market in sex tech.

What technology, you ask? Well, the LELO F1s Red is a game console combined with a sex toy for men. Yes – you read that right. It is a sex toy… with video game capabilities. This, by itself, should put it right at the summit as the best male masturabator in the market. However, the perks do not stop there. Oh no, during my review of the LELO F1s, I realized that this device offers so much more.

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As a sex toy on its own, The Lelo F1s Red offers more than your basic men’s vibrator. It has superb tools to create the most realistic and thrilling feeling possible. It also has major upgrades from the brand’s previous model, the F1s Prototype. So what is the future of sex tech in store for us men? Let us find out.

A Superior Upgrade

The LELO F1 connects to your smartphone and uses it as a control center. There, you can control the device’s intensity, speed, and choose from the different modes. Since it is a modern piece of tech, it also has other benefits. For example, it has ten different sensors to give you maximum pleasure. You can use it as a trainer for your stamina. It measures your speed, duration, and pattern while masturbating. Using this information, you can use it to practice your game so you can last longer in bed.

With all this talk of apps, games, and intense sonic waves, one might have to wonder about its battery. Battery life is a big issue in most battery-operated sex toys. The simple truth is that they do not seem to last long. They need frequent charging and, for long single uses, they lose power as you reach climax. This not only delays your enjoyment, but it also ruins the experience in general. The LELO F1’s Cruise Control function ensures that this does not happen. Its batteries also last a long time – perfect even for those long sessions. You can also easily charge your unit via USB. Combined with its portability, you can take it with you anywhere.

A Different Approach

The quality of sex toys increase in proportion with their price. Cheaper ones offer basic (to even subpar) sexual experiences. The enjoyment is minimal and the approach is basic. Those wanting more can look at the higher tiers – but be prepared to spend a little more.

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A common issue in cheaper toys is the unrealistic feel. Most cheap toys come in the form of basic plastic. As it is, the plastic does nothing to arouse the senses. The realism is not there. As I’ll discuss in more detail further down in my LELO F1s review, the unit corrects this by having full silicone internal canals to simulate a vagina. The molding also adapts to the shape of your penis. This gives you a personalized experience each time you use it. It also has curves and grooves to increase the sensation. The LELO F1 also does not come with basic vibrations to enhance the experience. It creates sonic waves to create a more thrilling sensation.

A Subtle and Durable Design

The LELO F1 also comes in the simple, sleek form of an aluminum canister. It is easy to store, hide, and hold. It has a solid grip that prevents slipping from the hands while in use. At the heat of the moment, you will be thankful that the toy is easy to grasp.

Maintenance is also excellent when it comes the LELO F1. Its external aluminum design makes it waterproof and easy to clean. The canister design also keeps it subtle – it blends in with its surroundings. Nobody will ever know what it is unless someone takes a closer look. Hiding it, or simply storing it, would be no hassle.

For a complete rundown on the F1 Red’s gear, feel free to view the company’s specifications info page.

A Multiplayer Level

Do not think that sex toys are for singles only. For couples, toys are also a way to spice things up. You can have a lot more fun in the bedroom with the help of these items. With your partner, a sex toy can open many doors in pleasure.

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Toys can help with foreplay, to set the mood, and to even extend the escapades in the bedroom. It can also create new positions to try and help your partner reach orgasm faster. These are just for regular sex toys. Add technology into the mix, and you are in for a treat. With the LELO F1 and the many apps and games available, you are looking at quite the busy night.

A Healthier Lifestyle

One should not underestimate the power of sex. The act of having an orgasm can do wonders for your body – both physically and mentally. Post-sexual activity can greatly elevate mood and creating a relaxing sensation. An orgasm increases your heart rate, breathing, and it can elevate mood significantly. This happens by releasing endorphins (known as the happy hormones) into your system.

Apart from the boost in mood and stress relief, masturbation offers tons of other health-related perks.

Masturbation, especially for men, also offers positives in long-term health. Did you know that masturbation – or the act of orgasm/ejaculation – decreases risk for prostate cancer? Those who ejaculate at least 21 times a month had a 20% lower risk of getting prostate cancer in the future. The act of masturbation also creates a clearer state of mind afterwards. This boost in clarity can help you make better, more focused decisions.

With all these benefits, masturbation is indeed a ‘reset’ button for one’s stress. ‘Doing the deed’ regularly can offer tons of health improvements – both physical and mental. It can also boost your self-esteem, and can give you a better outlook in your current situation.

If you’re looking for the LELO F1s manual, and even samples of the code and SDK, you’ll find them right here. The LELO F1s demo app should get all you aspiring developers started.

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