KOKONI EC2 App Control 3D Printer Review: Revolutionize Your 3D Printing Experience with Smart App Control

Navigating the vast ocean of 3D printers can be overwhelming, especially when you’re on the hunt for a model that strikes the perfect balance between ease of use and cutting-edge features.

Trust me, I know the struggle all too well—dealing with daunting setups and uncooperative software can test anyone’s patience. That is until the KOKONI EC2 came into my life. This nifty smart 3D printer was a breath of fresh air, simplifying everything down to a tap on my smartphone screen.

With its app-controlled print hub, your phone transforms into a robust command center for creativity. If you’re craving an intuitive path to bringing your visions into reality, stick around—you’ll want to hear more about this!

Key Takeaways

The KOKONI EC2 3D Printer lets you control printing right from an app on your phone, which means no need for a computer or USB cables.

It has a camera to take time-lapse videos of your prints and a built-in library with lots of designs ready to print.

You can manually adjust the printer settings through the app for precise details in every model.

The printer turns photos into 3D models using AI, perfect for personalized gifts or unique creations.

Key Features of the KOKONI EC2

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The KOKONI EC2 stands out with its intelligent app control, allowing for a seamless 3D printing process right from your device. Its compact stature is deceptive; within it lies the capacity to capture time-lapses of your creations coming to life.

For hobbyists who crave precision, this printer delivers with manual adjustments that fine-tune model details to perfection.

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Intelligent app control for versatile printing

I got to control my KOKONI EC2 3D printer with just an app on my phone. It’s really cool because I don’t need any USB cables or a computer. I can change how detailed the models are right from the app.

And there’s even this smart feature that lets me turn photos of people’s faces into 3D models using AI.

The app gives me access to tons of free model designs, and if I want, I can upload my own 3D files, too. This means endless possibilities for creating stuff without getting tangled in wires or stuck at a console.

Plus, everything is over-the-air—super smooth and user-friendly!

Compact design with time-lapse photography capabilities

The KOKONI EC2 stands out with its sleek, compact design that fits well in any space. You don’t need a big workshop to get into 3D printing; this printer can comfortably sit on your desk without taking over the room.

What’s really cool is it comes with a built-in 720p camera. This isn’t just for keeping an eye on your prints, but also for making time-lapse videos of your work. Imagine showing off your creations from start to finish in a fast-forward video — great stuff to share on social media or keep for yourself.

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This feature brings a lot more fun to the print process. Instead of just watching paint dry, you get to capture every stage of your creation coming to life — and you can do this all wirelessly thanks to the smart app control.

It feels like having a tiny film studio right at home where you’re both director and artist. Now, let’s talk about how this machine gives you better detail on every model.

Manual adjustment for precision in model details

Speaking of details, this printer lets me really get things just right. I can use the app to make manual tweaks to my models. It’s like having a fine-tuning knob for 3D printing. With this control, I can adjust how thick or thin each layer is or change how fast the print head moves.

This means every part of my model can come out looking sharp and clean.

I love that I don’t need a computer to make these adjustments either. If I spot something in the time-lapse photos from the built-in camera, or if I just want to try something different, it’s all doable right from my phone with the Kokoni 3D app.

Plus, with access to tons of free model libraries, there’s always something new for me to customize and improve upon before printing it out for real.

Advantages of Owning a KOKONI EC2

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Owning a KOKONI EC2 Smart 3D Printer brings you the cutting edge of PC-free printing, perfect for DIY enthusiasts and families looking to dive into the world of 3D creation. With its user-friendly app control, it eliminates the learning curve often associated with 3D printing technology.

This printer shines not only in accessibility but also with a built-in model library; it effortlessly turns your living room into a mini production studio.

The KOKONI EC2 isn’t just about bringing ideas to life; its time-lapse photography feature captures the entire process, offering social media savvies an instant hit on platforms like YouTube and TikTok.

The precision manual adjustment is a dream come true for detail-oriented creators who want their models to have that extra touch of finesse.

Moreover, if you’re interested in personalized gifts or keepsakes, this printer excels at portrait and subject modeling—it’s almost like having a personal sculptor at your beck and call.

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Accessibility for enthusiasts and families

I love how the KOKONI EC2 makes 3D printing easy for everyone. You don’t need a computer to start creating, which is great for families and DIY buffs like me. With its smart app, you can jump right in and print cool models from their library or even snap a photo and turn it into a unique 3D object.

It’s perfect for making things together with the kids or impressing friends with your crafts.

The built-in camera adds more fun by letting us watch our creations come to life through time-lapse videos—super entertaining! And since I can keep an eye on my prints from anywhere using the app, it feels good knowing I can prevent any mishaps before they happen.

This printer really takes out all the hard work and lets us enjoy every part of bringing our ideas into reality.

Built-in library of models for ease of use

Having a bunch of models ready at your fingertips makes 3D printing a breeze, especially with the KOKONI EC2. You get to skip the headache of starting from scratch because this smart printer has a built-in library full of cool stuff to print.

Whether it’s a tool, toy, or part for a project, you can find it fast and start printing without fuss.

Now imagine adding your own twist to things. The app not only gives you easy access to these designs but lets you tweak them, too. This means you get precision in detail and make each model truly yours.

With self-created portraits or objects crafted by AI algorithms, making one-of-a-kind items is simple and PC-free – all thanks to that handy app control feature.

Portrait and subject modeling for personalized creations

I love how the KOKONI EC2 makes 3D printing feel personal. With its AI, I can create models that look like people I know or imagine unique characters. It’s cool because now making gifts is more special than ever.

Who wouldn’t want a mini version of themselves or their favorite superhero? And it isn’t just for experts; families can jump in and have fun, too.

This printer packs over 2,000 pre-designed models to start with. But here’s where it gets awesome – snap a photo, and the app turns it into a print-ready model. This means I can capture moments or faces and make them real.

Turning photos into 3D figures brings memories off the screen and onto my shelf. That’s what stands out to me: bringing ideas to life with a few taps on my phone.

Ready To Try the KOKONI EC2 3D Printer?

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The KOKONI EC2 3D Printer stands out for its smart app control and user-friendly setup. It’s a great choice for people who love to create without fuss. You can capture your prints with the time-lapse camera and share your creations easily.

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This compact printer brings big possibilities to small spaces. If you’re looking for PC-free printing that fits into your life, the EC2 could be just what you need.

FAQs About the KOKONI EC2 3D printer

What makes the KOKONI EC2 3D printer special?

The KOKONI EC2 3D printer stands out because it won an IF Design Award for its user-friendliness and lets you print without a PC, giving a smooth, pc-free 3d printing experience.

Who created the KOKONI EC2 App Control 3D Printer?

Jeco Chan designed the KOKONI EC2, focusing on making it easy for people to use it right from their phones or tablets.

Can I buy the KOKONI EC2 if I only have a P.O. Box?

Yes, during checkout on their website or social media platforms, make sure to put in your P.O. box details so they can send your new printer there.

Does setting up the KOKONI EC2 involve complicated steps like dealing with third-party cookies?

No hard steps are involved! The setup is straightforward and doesn’t deal with things like third-party cookies – it’s all about getting you ready to start photographing and printing easily.



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