4 Lucrative Side Hustles for Men

There are a lot of reasons for men to start looking for side hustles. Apart from the harsh economic times, you may need additional income to save up for a big purchase, vacation, settle in after a career change, or if you simply want to become your own boss.

Regardless of the reasons, there are endless side hustles available for men. You might even pick one from your hobbies and nurture it into a full-time career. That said, below are a few side hustles that men can explore in the current digital era.

1. Start a blog

Blogs in the USA have increased by 10 million from 2014. While some people blog as a hobby, there is a huge potential for generating passive income from blogging. Blogging is an ideal side hustle for individuals with an innate passion for writing and documenting various topics. You can also do it alongside other hobbies, especially if you enjoy outdoor adventures, swimming, or bike riding.

Starting a blog has minimal associated costs. You can successfully launch your blog with $35 to $65. However, this varies depending on your goals and niche of interest. Ideally, you should pick a niche, choose a platform, domain, and hosting, and start publishing your content.

Picking a niche shouldn’t be a challenge. Simply go for what you enjoy doing, as suggested in these motorcycle tips. You should have excellent writing skills and a basic understanding of SEO to succeed in blogging. The only catch with blogging is the time it takes to monetize your blog.

2. Sell online courses

Online education is predominantly becoming a norm, thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic. High school and college students increasingly rely on various digital tools for their daily learning. This presents a perfect chance for anyone knowledgeable in various subjects to earn something extra.

As simple as it sounds, you can earn comfortably creating and selling a course you are adept at online. Platforms like FreshLearn allow users to set up a website and sell their courses without much technical knowledge. You can join the over 8,000 creators monetizing their courses on the platform.

3. Playing games

Surprisingly, you can make something extra by playing video games. Playing games is another excellent side hustle for men with extra time to spare. Various apps on the Play Store and App Store pay gamers to play their games. All you need is a fast phone or laptop, an understanding of the game, and a good internet connection.

Unlike other side hustles, you don’t have to win to make money. This option is also fun, especially for video game lovers. Unfortunately, finding apps that pay is challenging. Similarly, not all platforms pay real cash for their games. Some offer gift cards for Target, Amazon, and other giant chain stores.

4. Photography

You can convert your passion for photography and visual storytelling into an income-generating activity. You can make extra money by offering photography services in your locality. Be it nature, commercial, or events photography, you get to earn while showcasing your artistic skills.

Final Thoughts

There is certainly no shortage of avenues for making additional income. Most of these side hustles don’t require heavy initial capital. Very few, such as driving for Lyft and Uber or landscaping, need some technical skills and startup capital.



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