Keep Cool With The Wagan Cooling Car Seat Cushion

For the longest of time, I drove a car that had no sound system, no heat, no A/C, and forget about heated seats. The Datsun 260Z may have been old but she sure was a beauty, even when compared to modern day sports cars. Anyways, summer is officially here and most us will either be driving around town with the windows rolled down or with the air conditioner on full blast. Most vehicles on the road don’t have heated or cooled seats although heated seats on new models is starting to be a standard feature. But when it comes to cooled seats, its mostly available on the higher priced vehicles.

One day, these features will be available on all vehicles but for the time being something like the Cooling Car Seat Cushion will have to do for my little Ford Fiesta. I’ve seen removable heated car seat covers and it was only a matter of time before the cooled versions were available. The Cooling Car Seat Cusion is essentially a seat cushion which plugs into the 12v outlet and includes a DC adapter.

cooled car seat cover

The Cooling Car Seat blows air all around your body from its 18 ventilation holes which can be adjusted with a push of a button for either high air flow or low. The seat is universal and should fit into any standard car seat. The air that the device circulates is just air and not cooled in any fashion. So if you’re expecting a wind chill factor on your back, keep on looking elsewhere.

The seat is designed to provide air flow for your back, legs, and thighs as well as absorbing your body heat. I know all too well what it’s like to be sweating in a car and this gadget should be very useful in reducing perspiration.

cooled car seat cover

The car seat is made with polyester mesh fabric as the cover and the inside features polyethylene foam bars providing comfortable seating and efficient airflow/ventilation. The car seat weighs in at five-pounds and will set you back $49.90 on Amazon.



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