Kate Upton GQ Shoot: Behind the Scenes Video

By now you’ve probably noticed our love for obsession with the boobalicious Kate Upton.  We recently posted pictures from her photoshoot for GQ Magazine and today we present you the out-takes video from that photoshoot.  In a recent Kate Upton post, Chad was complaining about Kate not talking much… well, his wish is granted, and we get to find out a little about Miss Upton in the short video below.

Did you know Kate’s favorite food is sushi, her favorite color is yellow, and her favorite photographer is Terry (Richardson)?  Well, I don’t think the last one is right. I think she’s only saying that to make Terry happy, because from what I’ve heard he’s a major dick!  What do you think Kate’s “one wish” is?  Watch the video below and find out, by the way, it’s not what you think.

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Kate Upton Video Highlights:

Kate Upton cleavageKate Upton topless hand braKate Upton white bikini American flagKate Upton licking ice creamKate Upton hand bra with flags




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