Is Smart Home Automation Right for You?

While it wasn’t widely available or commercially successful, the first smart home device was invented in the 1960s. Designed to turn on devices, control a home’s temperature, and even create automated shopping lists, “The Kitchen Computer” was the first in a long line of devices designed to make homeowner’s lives a little easier.

Smart home automation has come a long way since the 60s. Today, just about every appliance in your home can be automated. But some smart devices are more practical than others. While some are designed to keep you safe or protect your home, others act as more of a novelty and convenience.

If you’re still on the fence about whether or not to invest in smart home tech, keep reading. We’re breaking down what you need to know about smart homes and how to choose the right tech for you.

Customize Your Smart Home Experience

Many people have some misconceptions about smart home devices and what they do. They might think that smart devices are a novelty that allows you to do things like switch off the lights without getting off the couch, or to turn on your oven from another room. 

But while these smart devices do exist, the reality is that smart home automation is fully customizable. This means that you can pick and choose the devices and tech that you want, and that will help make your life easier, protect your family, or even save you money. If you aren’t interested in smart devices that are more of a luxury, you can skip those features in favor of others.

Manage Your Home From Anywhere

One of the biggest benefits of smart home devices that many people don’t realize is how much control they can give you over your home while you’re away. While switching off the lights while you’re at work may seem like a novelty, this can actually be a great feature. You can turn off lights and even devices in your home while you’re away to lower your energy costs. Or, turn on the lights on your way home so that you won’t be walking inside in the dark.

Smart home devices can also allow you to check your home’s temperature to prevent burst pipes if the weather turns sour while you’re away. They can alert you to smoke or carbon monoxide in your home so that you can call the fire department. You can even use them to check to see if you remembered to lock your front door or close your garage door after you’ve already left home.

Utilize Smart Devices to Protect Your Home and Family

If you’ve been on the fence about investing in smart home automation, it’s time to consider the other benefits beyond cost savings and convenience. When used properly, the right tech can go a long way toward keeping your home and your family safe.

Water detection devices can alert you to a leak before it causes serious damage. Alarms on your windows and doors can alert you to intruders. Those smart locks and remote garage door controllers can help you keep unwanted guests from getting inside while you’re away. Being able to flip on a light in your living room at nightfall while you’re on vacation is a great way to deter break-ins as well.You can’t put a price on protecting your family. In exchange for your investment, smart home automation can give you peace of mind and keep you and your family safe.




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  1. I really liked the segment of your article that talked about how smart home automation can help you manage your home from anywhere. This is the kind of home maintenance advantage that I’d love for my own home, especially since it’s quite large and has two floors. Once I find a home automation expert in the area, I’ll definitely have them help us install whatever appliances we can.


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