Inside the Mind of a Casino Game Developer: Secrets to Winning Big

A casino game developer has to develop games like at Hit N Spin that are fair. As such, there is a design that developers follow or formula, if you can call it that. Be it slots or roulette; there are certain elements that game developers follow to ensure that games are exciting and fair and that the players have an equal chance to get the most out of it.

Today, we will look at how game developers view their creations from the perspective of winning. From here, you will learn how to approach casino games objectively to increase your likelihood of winning.

Understand the Odds

A casino game developer understands the odds of the game – they designed it. As a player, you must put yourself in the shoes of the casino game developer to get how the game works, what your chances of winning are, and then decide if it is worth it.

In this section, we will demonstrate how odds work by designing a mini-game.

Let us say that a player can choose between A, B, and C. He has to bet $1 on his choice. The casino will now draw a ball from a box — just one ball that either has A, B, or C. If the drawn ball is what the player wagered on, he gets back his $1, and then the casino pays him $1.

If a player bets on a single letter, his odds of winning are 33.33%. How did we get that number? Only one ball will be drawn, so for every round, there is only one winning letter out of three. That is 1 result divided by three possibilities equals 0.3333. Multiple that by 100, and you get 33.33%.

33.33% is the chance or percentage that the player will win. The casino’s chance is 66.66%. In this regard, you, the player, are already at a disadvantage. You only have a 1/3 chance of winning, but the casino has 2/3.

Now, let us say that you bet on two letters. Let us say you wagered on A and B with $1 for each letter. Your statistical odds of winning now are 66.66%. If the drawn ball is one of the two letters you wagered on, here is what is going to happen.

  • We draw A – the casino gives back your $1 from A, takes the bet from B, and uses that to pay your winnings.
  • We draw B – the casino gives back your $1 from B, takes the bet from A, and uses that to pay your winnings. 

In any case, you did not win anything at all. It was only breakeven for you. However, if the drawn letter was C, you lose $2 — you lose your bet on A and B.

The third scenario is that you bet on all three letters for $1 each, so you bet a total of $3. Your winning odds now are 100%. No matter what ball gets drawn, you win.

If you do this, you still lose money. If the drawn ball is A, the casino takes the losses from B and C. Then, they give you back your original bet in A and then pay you $1.

Keep in mind that your total bet is $3. Now, you only have $2. You still lost $1. As you can see, you still are at a serious disadvantage.

Now you know that gamblings rely heavily on odds; the secret to winning big is to understand the odds of the game. If the odds are too small and the wins are too big, then that is the game that you must play.

Avoid False Beliefs

The second tip or secret to winning big, based on the mind of a game developer, is not believing in false gambling myths.

Here are some of the most common false beliefs:

  • Slot machines are rigged – no, they are not; slots are games of chance.
  • A number is due – no number is due just because a particular number has not come up yet.

As we have demonstrated in the first section, the result of games is purely coming from statistical odds — these figures are so big and difficult to comprehend that most gamblers do not pay attention to them. 

Final Thoughts

Games in casinos are fair. However, the gambling operator is always at an advantage. As such, the only way to increase your winning odds is to be objective in your approach to the games you want to play.

Take note that the game developers of casino games usually have PhDs in mathematics or statistics. They designed the games in a way that you are at a disadvantage. Because of this, you must be selective in the games you play and try to look at them with reasonable expectations.




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