9 Essential Features Robot Vacuum Cleaners Need To Have

A robot vacuum is an indispensable gadget due to the devastating revolution it has brought to conventional cleaning techniques. From vacuuming and mopping to pulling out pet fur and removing allergens, smart robot vacuums are all-in-one cleaning devices.

However, with growing demand and popularity, the variety of different models of robot vacuums is astonishing, and choosing one from those models can be a challenging task.

This is why we have compiled a comprehensive guide on the essential features a robot vacuum needs to have.

1. Smart Navigational Technology

Smart navigational technology in a robot vacuum makes your work ten times easier. Instead of controlling the robot vacuum with a remote or dragging the conventional robot vacuums to different corners of the room, all you have to do is sit back, relax, and let the robot do the work.

That might sound surprising, but smart vacuums have made this dream come true. By using lidar or laser technology, an auto vacuum cleverly outlines the structure of the room. It then moves around, avoiding obstacles and vacuuming every edge and corner. However, sometimes, lidar technology might fail to detect wires and cords.

2. HEPA Filter

If you have allergies or pets, consider an automatic vacuum with HEPA filters, classified under the highest Filter Class. These filters remove at least 99.97% of particles as small as 0.3 microns, including allergens and pet hair, providing a cleaner, germ-free environment.

Ensure to follow manufacturer recommendations for filter maintenance and replacement. With high MERV ratings, HEPA filters efficiently trap various particle sizes, offering superior air purification in your home.

3. Self-Emptying Dustbin

9 Essential Features Robot Vacuum Cleaners Need To Have 2

If you are too busy in everyday life and can’t regularly empty your smart vacuum dustbin, a self-emptying robot vacuum cleaner is the answer. Some newer auto-vacuum models offer self-emptying features, where the robot vacuum empties its dustbin itself whenever it is full.

This feature is not only a blessing for busy people or people with limited mobility but would also be a great choice if you have a large home that takes multiple cleaning sessions to complete.

4. Self-Charging Capability

What if we tell you your robot sweeper can clean your house every day without your intervention? The self-charging feature in robot vacuums has made this possible, too. A smart vacuum with such a feature is the top choice for most homeowners due to the convenience and automation it provides.

You would not have to monitor the battery level continuously and put it on charge now and then during the cleaning sessions. So, when the robot vacuum’s battery is drained, it charges itself, which makes it energy-efficient and suitable for large places.

5. Voice or App Integration

9 Essential Features Robot Vacuum Cleaners Need To Have 1

Forget manually controlling or tuning your automatic vacuum since many models now offer voice and app integration. You can connect the smart device with its app and schedule cleaning sessions. Besides, apps also allow you to command your robot sweeper to start or stop working anywhere, at any time.

Voice integration makes the task easier for you as compared to app integration. You can connect this smart device with a home assistant, which would command it to work at specific times, change its cleaning modes, or mop a specific room.

6. Quiet Mode

Smart vacuums can be loud and disturbing, so some manufacturers offer features like quiet mode so that you can get the cleaning done without any loud voices.

When in quiet mode, the self-vacuum cleaner silently moves around your home without disturbing kids, the elderly, or pets with noise phobia. The quiet mode also comes in handy if you prefer cleaning the home late at night when everyone else is asleep.

7. Mopping Ability

It’s not that you will have to mop the floors yourself after your robot vacuum cleaner is done picking up the dirt. If you get a vacuum with mopping ability, it will do the complete end-to-end cleaning itself — yes, from vacuuming the debris and garbage to mopping the floors.

Although this mopping feature may take a bit more time than manually doing so, it still offers a spotless finish and convenience for elderly people with limited mobility.

8. Carpet Detection

9 Essential Features Robot Vacuum Cleaners Need To Have 4

Carpet detection is another important feature to consider if you have a carpeted home or room. Carpet cleaning requires different approaches, such as strong suction power and no mopping. Choosing a device that offers carpet detection allows optimized cleaning and enhanced cleaning performance.

Besides, it would help save your battery. This is because carpet cleaning requires more suction power and, hence, more energy. If you plan to clean a carpet that is only in one of the rooms, but you turn the carpet mode on, the vacuum would use extra energy to clean all types of flooring using extra suction power, which is not required.

9. Cliff Sensor

Alongside smart navigational technology, your cleaning robot should be equipped with a cliff sensor, too. Cliff sensors help ensure safety, especially when the vacuum is used on multiple-storey homes.

It prevents falls from edges, stairs, or other elevated surfaces. Besides, it provides the utmost convenience and promises efficient cleaning since the smart vacuum would visit each side and corner of your home without falling off from anywhere.



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