Hyper Realistic 3D Artwork By Keng Lye

In the past, we’ve featured some pretty amazing hyper realistic pencil drawings by Diego Fazio and Franco Clun. And today we will have a quick look at 3D artwork of Singapore-based Keng Lye who is able to create life-like sculptures of animals/reptiles with a bit of paint, some resin, and lots of skill. Lye usually fills bowls, boxes, and buckets with alternating layers of resin and acrylic paint, creating aquatic life which looks so real it could easily pass for the real thing.

Lye makes his painting creations protrude from the surface which helps add another level of dimension. He first started this series of artwork back in 2012 and all the illustrations were “flat” and the depth was created by layering the acrylic and resin over the various parts of the illustration. And recently, he has been experimenting with other techniques to give it a true 3D element by incorporating things such as a small pebble for the octopus and using an egg shell for the turtle shell.

Not all the creations seen here include physical objects such as pebbles or egg shells but it’s just one technique Keng Lye uses to give it that realistic look. If interested in seeing more amazing 3D artwork by Keng Lye, head over to his Flickr page. I wonder how long each creation takes to complete?

Hyper Realistic 3D Artwork by Keng Lye



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