How to Start a Sneaker Collection

Most people don’t realize it, but sneakers have only existed since the 19th century.

In 1892, the first pair of Keds was released, featuring a durable sole and fabric exterior. These shoes started a new industry that has since become an empire. Sneaker trends are constantly appearing, and if you want to become a sneakerhead, you need to know which ones are the best.

Read below to discover how to build your sneaker collection with unique, comfortable, and practical kicks!

Determine Your True Size

The very first step in building your sneaker collection is measuring your foot.

Assuming you’re the same size as you’ve always been could contribute to the aches and pains you get. You can use measuring tape or have a friend help you get the length and width of your foot.

It also helps to account for your foot’s height and arch. You should record the measurements when your foot rests flat on the ground and is pushed down. This stance will most resemble your foot when you’re walking.

Remember your measurements and not just the single-number size. Since brands fluctuate in sneaker designs, the same size may feel tighter in a different shoe.

Find Your Inspiration

Whether you want to create the largest collection of sneakers or focus on the details, you need inspiration.

The shoe industry is closely related to music and sports cultures. Famous athletes and musicians have created shoe designs that target different customers. Many custom-made shoes have playful and bold designs to help stand out on the court or stage.

Having inspiration will help guide you through the shoe-buying process so you don’t end up with styles you’ll never wear.

Other types of inspiration you could be driven by include comfort and fashion. If you want a specific style, you must ensure the stores have what you want. You can learn about a stylish option and read full article here for inspiration!

Start with the Basics

You won’t get far if you don’t have some reliable sneakers to go out in.

Casual sneakers can be worn when you’re out running errands, on a date, or even going to work. You should always have a pair of white, black, or navy blue sneakers that match your outfits.

Vans, Converse, and Adidas all make unique sneakers for casual wear. You can compare the different designs from each brand to stay within your style. Casual sneakers often have a low or mid-top fitting around the ankle and don’t draw in too much attention.

Get Kicks for the Gym

Casual sneakers provide extra support to your feet when you hit the pavement.

You need to invest in a supportive pair of sneakers depending on where you like to work out, whether at the gym or on the streets. Arch support and thick soles are a good sign, but you don’t want to disrupt your balance.

Some people recommend getting two or more pairs of workout sneakers so that one can dry out while you wear the other. If you find a comfortable and light style, you may want to consider getting the same pair in another color.

Be Bold

Bright colors and flashy shoes are perfect for the club and when you want to make an impression.

You can find bold and stylish sneakers for any occasion if you look hard. Black and gold colorways are perfect for representing your luxurious lifestyle, but red and purple can be just as catchy.

Think about your clothes and which sneakers would bring your outfits to life. Many people use their sneakers as a way to express themselves and make a statement.

It’s also common for sneakerheads to buy shoes with their favorite professional team colors.

Sneakers That Work in the Office

Workplace dress codes are evolving, and more employers are allowing sneakers.

Wearing sneakers at work can increase productivity, especially if dress shoes cause discomfort. You can wear stylish sneakers that look like dress shoes but feel like slippers. Sneaker companies have been perfecting designs appropriate for the workplace and keeping comfort in mind.

Navy blue, beige, and black sneakers pair well with business-casual outfits. Depending on the brand, you can find styles resembling leather dress shoes for more formal events.

Pick Park-Friendly Kicks

Spring and summer are just around the corner, which means you’ll need sneakers that are easy to clean and breathable.

Sneakers that use mesh and polyester materials are often more comfortable to wear as the months get warmer. Some styles have openings that allow water and air to get through without damaging the shoe’s integrity or performance.

Although running or walking shoes may seem ideal for the park, they don’t do well in all types of terrain. Try to look for durable and water-resistant shoes, so you don’t put your other kicks at risk.

Step into Your New Sneaker Collection

When it comes to creating a sneaker collection, you don’t want it filled with shoes you’ll never wear.

Trying on shoes and caring for them is your best bet at keeping your collection alive. As long as you’ve got sneakers to wear on dates, to work, and the gym, you’ll feel prepared for whatever path you land on. Take your time building your collection and prioritize quality over quantity.

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