How To Select Side Tables for Your Bedroom

When designing a bedroom, it is important not to forget that the bedside tables you choose can greatly impact how the bedroom looks and feels. Because of this, it is essential that you know what you are looking for and how they fit into the space. 


When you want to shop white side tables, or you are looking for something new for your space, the first thing you need to decide on is how high will the side tables be. The bed height will often determine the height, but you can also experiment. 

If you get something a bit lower, it will not be practical, and you will struggle to reach the other end of the table, but something a bit higher can be a bit more dramatic. Therefore, don’t focus on a particular height, but rather visualize your options. 


The material choices for your side tables will often come down to wood and metal and then variations of the two. Both have their pros and cons, but it will come down to your taste and what works best in your space. 


Wooden side tables are perfect for those who want to add a classic or vintage touch to their space. Light woods can make the room feel brighter and airy, while darker woods can add a tone of moodiness without having to go too overboard with dark paint, art, etc. 


A metal bedside table is a very modern take on the furniture. It is ideal for those with a more industrial home or those wanting a clean and chic look. It may be a bit jarring to some, but in the right space, metal looks beautiful.


You can have a bit of flexibility when it comes to the color of your bedside tables. You can opt for a color that matches the rest of your furniture in your room or the color scheme of the room in general, or you can experiment. 

Since they are reasonably small, you can use your bedside tables to add a pop of color to your room or use them as central pieces. Either way, the color of them will be determined by your personal tastes and the look you want to convey. 

Drawers or Shelves

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The next thing you need to decide is if you want drawers or shelves. Drawers are perfect for storage as you can often fit books, reading glasses, your nighttime lotions and potions, a tablet, and a laptop. 

On the other hand, shelves can be used for storage but also as a way to decorate. You can put a small house plant on the shelf or a sculpture and use your bedside table as a mini display area.

Key Features

There are a few key features that you should look for when choosing a bedside table. Namely, if there are removable elements or not, is it pre-built or a kit designed to incorporate lighting in some way, and how customizable is it?

Removable Elements

While not a massively important thing, you may find it useful to purchase bedside tables that have removable elements. This, such as drawer or cupboard handles and fixtures, for instance, can be replaced with something that suits your room and tastes better. 

Pre-Built or Kit

If you choose small bedside tables, whether they are pre-built or a kit, it won’t make much of a difference as they will be easy to move and transport anyway. However, if they are quite large, being able to disassemble them can be a game-changer. 

Many furniture kits are designed to be taken apart almost as quickly as they are put together, and therefore, if you ever need to move or make space, you can easily flatten your bedside tables and pack them or get them out of the way. 


One thing that many seem to forget when choosing bedside tables is how they will work with your lighting options. More often than not, a bedside table won’t be designed around having a light on it or attached to it. 

However, if you want to hide the cords and have a sleek look, you may not want to drill holes in your new tables. Because of this, look for tables that already have integrated light fittings or tables that make it easy to hide cables with staples or something similar.

Is it Easy to Customize?

Finally, if you are someone who is into DIY or your tastes change constantly, you may want beside tables that are easy to customize. Behind changing the handles on the drawers or cupboards, you may want to repaint them or swap out the drawers. 

Therefore, you may want to ensure that it is easy to paint and doesn’t have any plastic layers on the surface, and that the fixtures aren’t built-in but rather screwed in, etc. This will give you all the freedom you want to change the bedside tables as you please, without having to invest in new ones every time you want a change. 



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