How to Schedule Quality Time with Loved Ones to Build Stronger Relationships

When it comes to relationships, the value of quality time cannot be overstated. From candlelit dinners to a fun day with the nieces and nephews at an amusement park, it’s important to make time for those you love. No matter how big or small, any time poured into a relationship is meaningful.

However, in the extra busy world of today, it can sometimes feel impossible to work around everyone’s schedule. From parent-teacher conferences to sports games, it can feel hopeless to attempt to plan a special event and discover your loved ones are busy that day. Don’t worry, there’s hope.

Here are three ways you can avoid the pitfall of lackluster scheduling and make every moment count. 

1. Find A Time That Works For Everyone

Have you ever planned a day for that someone special in your life and suddenly they are busy? They may have shared their plans with you weeks ago, but it somehow slipped your mind. If that sounds familiar, consider using a meeting scheduler to find the perfect time for scheduling time with your loved one. Solidifying exactly when you plan to grab an ice cream or hit the steakhouse with your significant other ensures nothing goes awry. 

You might also find this strategy helpful for larger events, with friends or family. If you’re planning a group or family event, send out polls to allow your loved ones to vote on a time that fits into everyone’s weekend plans. Attempting to coordinate a family get-together in a group text with 10+ people is nearly impossible. 

Once you have figured out a time that works for everyone, you’ve successfully overcome the greatest challenge. No overlapping events or forgotten plans. Now you can organize your event knowing the obstacle of time or availability won’t get in the way. This is a vital first step that helps you focus on the important thing – quality time and relationships.

2. Do Something Specific And Special

With the scheduling coordinated, the focus can shift to the more fun piece of the puzzle: the activity.

While any time spent with those you love is worth it, attending another drawn-out little league game isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. Ensuring that you choose an event that is fun and exciting for everyone not only improves the experience but also helps for planning out future events.

Think about it. If your grandkids absolutely adored all the plans and events you crafted for them, they’re likely going to want to see you more often. With that in mind, think about the person or people you’re spending time with. What do they love to do? Is there something they’ve been wanting to do for a while? Is there something you both enjoy or share? You could even check reviews to see what other people identify as the hidden gems in your area.

If nothing immediately comes to mind, start by asking some questions. Texting or emailing may get the job done, but by sitting down in person and getting them to talk about themselves can result in better conversation and quality time with your loved one. What’s their favorite thing in the world? What’s something they’ve never done before? What’s their favorite memory? This is not only an opportunity to figure out what to do, but also a great way to start building those stronger relationships.

3. Be Consistent And Available

Once you’ve got the chance to establish availability and the activities, take the next step by cementing your one-time plan into a regular engagement. Friday night could be on permanent hold as it becomes date night. The third Sunday of every month could be the hike with your high school friends. It could even be as simple as picking up your niece from school on Wednesday to get 10 or so minutes to catch up. 

No matter what it is, establishing consistent time with those you love is essential for building stronger relationships. Catching up, talking about how they’re doing, and just seeing one another is important. Even if you live with them, setting aside time together shows you care.

Even mundane events like grocery shopping, short drives, and simply hanging out are all chances to show those you love that you want to see them. Relationships are more than just special events, they are built on consistency. Regularly scheduled time is the perfect way to create consistency, so when work gets busy or life gets messy, you still have time set aside for your loved ones. Being available not only shows your care and affection for your loved ones, but it also shows that you are intentional about building a strong, quality relationship with them.

The Sooner The Better

Quality time is a foundational part of all relationships, and availability is the bane of its existence. By taking the steps to schedule a genuine, quality time to see those you love, you will build stronger relationships. It might sound silly at first, but schedule coordination is a powerful tool in ensuring you can create memories that last a lifetime.




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