How to Overcome Hair Loss

Dealing with hair loss can be frustrating, especially for people who know one or more members of their family who are already losing theirs. Believe it or not, hair loss affects one in every three people.

On average, people lose as many as 100 hair strands every day. Hair loss can be related to people wearing caps and helmets too often, side effects of drug usage, diet, genetics, or even just down to stress.

We have put together some tips to help manage hair loss because it is important to know what to do and what may be detrimental to the health of your hair.

Things to Do

Engage in exercise/recreational activities

Studies show that there is a link between stress and hair loss. Find time to engage in activities that will help you reduce stress. It could be an evening stroll, learning to play an instrument, enrolling with a gym, learning yoga, or registering for swimming classes – no matter what it is, if it helps you reduce your stress levels, it’s worthwhile.   

Pay attention to your health and diet

We don’t often realise that taking care of our bodies has an impact on hair health. It’s important not to neglect your health. Treat any sickness or disease promptly and with appropriate medication. Protein-based foods are known to replace worn-out tissue and are good for your health. This will bolster hair health and could curb the loss of hair.

Keep an eye out for harmful products and side effects

In taking care of your health it is important to pay attention to the adverse effects of certain drugs and general care products. The use of certain drugs or an overdose from non-prescribed use may lead to adverse effects which could include hair loss. Certain products that are supposed to complement other hair products may be responsible for hair loss.

For example, the use of hair dyes is known to encourage hair loss. Additionally, you may experience side effects with certain creams or drugs which may not be specified on the label. Always contact your doctor for medical advice and abstain from self-medication that may lead to overdosing.

Keep your hair clean

To keep your hair in good condition and prevent hair loss, you must wash it regularly with mild shampoo products. Use products that are effective in washing from root to tip to keep your scalp clean – any dandruff and breaking of hair follicles will be greatly reduced as a result.

Stay hydrated and free of sweat

One-quarter of each strand of hair is made up of water, so it’s important to drink plenty of water each day. Sweating weakens the pores while attracting dandruff, especially for men with oily hair, which encourages hair loss. To combat this, use hair care products that contain Neem and aloe vera extracts. They will help to keep your scalp clean and free of dandruff.

Consult a Doctor

Hair grows out of the skin, and there are a number of skin issues that may affect hair growth. You can make an appointment with a GetHair doctor when you notice anything untoward about the condition of your hair. Dermatologists are doctors that take care of the skin while trichologists take care of your hair – choose the right one as appropriate.

Things to Use

Essential Oils

Combine lavender with sesame oil or almond oil and massage it into your scalp. This really helps to keeps your hair active if you have been experiencing hair loss. Do this regularly for a few minutes daily and you’ll notice that your hair will be in better condition.

Green tea

This is an easy and effective way to restrict hair loss, especially when done regularly for seven to 10 days. Soak two green-tea teabags in a cup of hot water, wait for it to cool slightly, then apply to your hair. Leave it for one hour before washing your hair. and you will be pleasantly surprised by the results. 

Use juice extracts

The juice from onions is another good way to control hair loss. Alternatively, you can use garlic or ginger juice. Just rub the juice in when going to sleep at night and rinse out in the morning for best results.

Things Not To Do

Drink excessive alcohol

Cutting back on alcohol consumption reduces hair loss, and stopping completely will help you recover lost hair faster.


Hair growth is fed as blood flows to the scalp. Smoking affects this and leads to reduced hair growth and slow replacement of hair when old hairs fall out.

Bad hair management 

Understanding your hair type and the environment is essential for ensuring your hair stays in great condition. Tying your hair too tight can lead to loss of hair so generally avoid any style that keeps your hair ‘tugged’ or tight for extended periods.

Use combs with wide teeth as your hair grows longer, or when wet to reduce breakage, and don’t comb your hair when wet, or comb too frequently. Detangling your hair with a comb often leads to breakage.

Keep your hair cool, without sweat, and avoid drying your hair too frequently. Your hair will become vulnerable to breaking if you heat it often.

There are plenty of easy ways to restrict hair loss. Choose the ones that are right for you, and you can look forward to a healthier head of hair in the future!



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