The Most Iconic Luxury Watches You Can Buy in 2020

A luxury watch is an accessory that has the power to magnify your personality and add glamour to it. Now with so many options out there, it has become challenging for everyone to settle for a timepiece that suits their personality. As the world continues to march towards a digital age, the trend of having watches seems to get affected. However, unless luxury watches are here to stay, it is tough to say if the digital accessories will ever be able to wipe them out from the market. Here, in this article, we will navigate you through some of the most amazing luxury watch options for this year and the next:

1.      Cartier Prive Tank

No one can run away from the fact; the tank shaped luxury watches will always be in fashion. Especially when it comes to exploring the iconic Cartier Prive Tank, fans will always go bonkers over the design. You will be surprised to know, this watch debuted back in the year 1936 and was a massive breakthrough at that time. The company did everything like the other conventional firms but only made a 30 degrees shift to the shape of their watches. Eventually, this idea struck the other watch companies so much; they decided to join the bandwagon. Even today, this classic model has millions of people swooning over it.

2.      Lange and Sohne , Zeitwerk Repeater

The intriguing thing to know about this timepiece is, it is the only one in the world that works by bringing together mechanical jumping and a frequent minute repeater. If you’re in love with gold, the good news is, their newer version is royal gold with an astonishing blue dial. This watch will tell you time in digital form as well and will prove itself as the perfect fit for your wardrobe. All you need to do is complement it with a unique color. It is best if you wear this timepiece for an evening party.

3.      Rolex Watches

No matter what happens, the Statement watches by Rolex will always be in the show. Whenever we talk about class, Rolex is what occurs as the first thought in our minds. Rolex has always maintained high standards while catering to a diverse audience. Although their watches don’t draw inspiration from the modern world, their antique design is compelling enough to make someone purchase them. If you want to try something unique this year, settle for Datejust 36. This iconic timepiece is the perfect statement for your Wardrobe and will make you stand out in a large crowd.

4.      Marina Fibertech

Have you ever seen a watch, which gives the look of a marine or a deep blue sea? Well, if you have not, then take a look at the amazing Marina Fibertech manufactured by the veteran Parerai Luminor. The interesting thing to note about this watch is, it is made out of a 44mm Luminor. Furthermore, the manufacturers have used basalt rock and polymers for designing its texture. This makes the watch approximately 60% lighter than a conventional steel watch.




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