How to Make Money When Young: Top 20 Fun & Easy Ideas!

Feeling stuck trying to make money as a young adult? There are lots of ways for kids and teens to earn extra cash3 This blog will give you 20 fun and easy ideas, from classic jobs like babysitting to cool online opportunities1 

Ready to start making some money? Keep reading! 2

Key Takeaways

Babysitting and mowing lawns offer young people quick ways to earn money, with babysitters earning about $20 per hour for one child in 2022 and lawn mowing generating $250 weekly by servicing neighbors’ yards.

Digital opportunities such as creating YouTube channels can be highly profitable; for example, Anastasia Radzinskaya made $28 million in 2023 through her channel.

Selling handmade crafts on Etsy or setting up lemonade stands provides fun income sources. One teen earned notable success selling lemonade in their parent’s neighborhood.

Affiliate marketing and dropshipping allow youths to earn without keeping inventory. By promoting products through affiliate programs like Amazon Associates, they can make commissions of up to $5,000 monthly.

Online safety is crucial; using strong passwords and parental supervision helps protect against scams. Always verify companies before sharing personal data online.

Classic Ways to Make Money for Young People

How to Make Money When Young 2

Young people can start earning by offering babysitting services or mowing lawns. They can also run a lemonade stand, care for pets, or host garage sales to make extra cash… A student bank account helps manage the money they earn!

Babysitting Services

Babysitting offers a quick way to earn money. Watching 2–3 kids for a couple of hours can make you $60-$100. 1 On average, rates hit about $20 per hour for one child in 2022.

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Popular babysitting platforms like help connect you with families needing sitters. Keep the kids safe and entertained by playing games or helping with homework. Ensure parental supervision when meeting new clients to stay secure while making money. 2

Mowing Lawns

Earn $10-$40 for each yard mowed. Focus on neighbors’ lawns to save time and travel costs. With good planning, you can mow 10 yards weekly, earning about $250 every week. In summer, it’s possible to make over $100 a day with regular clients. 3

Use a reliable lawnmower and learn basic maintenance skills. Promote your services on social media sites like Instagram or Facebook. Create simple flyers and distribute them in your neighborhood.

Always finish jobs quickly but neatly to get repeat business. 4

A well-mowed lawn adds beauty to any home, says landscaper Mike Jones.

Running a Lemonade Stand

Many yards need mowing, but what’s next? Try a lemonade stand. Set up a table and borrow a cooler to keep drinks cold. Sell refreshing treats like ice cream sandwiches, popsicles, and bottled water.

Choose busy places or neighborhoods with many families around. Put up signs to catch people’s attention. Think about selling during hot days for better sales. Many young adults have found success doing this—one in Annapolis even became quite popular in their parent’s subdivision! 5

Encourage kids to earn money. It could be as simple as making simple crafts and selling them or putting up a lemonade stand at your next yard. 6

Pet Care and Walking

Running a lemonade stand is fun, but taking care of pets can be awesome too. Pet sitting and walking offer at least $50 per week for each dog walked. Set a basic rate you feel comfortable with. 7

Use websites like,, and to find clients easily. These platforms can help connect you with pet owners in need of reliable assistance8

Hosting a Garage Sale

Hosting a garage sale can be a great way to make money. Gather old toys, clothes, and books you no longer use. Involve family and friends to increase the items for sale. Set prices clearly using tags or stickers.

Add attractions like a lemonade stand for extra income. Advertise your yard sale by putting up signs around the neighborhood or posting on local social media groups. Be ready with enough change for buyers paying with cash.

Digital Opportunities for Young Entrepreneurs

How to Make Money When Young 3

Young people can make money online with ease, using tools like YouTube and blogs. They get to share their interests and earn from ads or selling products… It’s simple to begin!

Launching a YouTube Channel

Launching a YouTube channel can be exciting and profitable. Take Anastasia Radzinskaya, an 8-year-old who made $28 million in 2023 from her channel. 12 Creating videos on fun topics like toys, games, or even crafts can draw viewers.

Post regularly to keep your audience engaged.

YouTube player

Set up your channel with a catchy name and good design. Use keywords like “YouTube channel” and “online marketing” for greater reach. High-quality thumbnails attract clicks; tools like Adobe Photoshop can help with this.

Track your analytics to see which content works best. 11

Selling Crafts Online

Sell your handmade crafts on Etsy. It’s a great platform for young people. List each item with clear photos and prices. Handmade items like jewelry, art, or knitted goods sell well. 14

Make the process fun by creating unique designs. You can also personalize items for buyers. Use social media to promote your store and drive traffic to it. Before long, you’ll see sales coming in! 13

Success usually comes to those who are too busy to be looking for it. – Henry David Thoreau

For example, if you enjoy woodworking, showcase cutting boards or small furniture pieces. If drawing’s more your speed, create custom illustrations or digital prints—Etsy handles everything else!

Starting a Personal Blog

Creating a blog can be fun and profitable. Focus on something specific that you like, such as gaming, cooking, or fitness. This focus will help you build your brand and attract readers who share your interest. 15

Make money from ads displayed on your blog or by promoting products through an affiliate link. Write sponsored posts where companies pay you to talk about their items. Sell digital products like eBooks or courses directly to your audience for additional income streams. 16

Exploring Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is a smart way to earn money online. You can make up to $5,000 each month by promoting products and services on websites or social media. 17 Join an affiliate program like Amazon Associates to start.

Share links of items you recommend, and when people buy them through your link, you earn a commission.

To succeed in this business, choose products that fit well with your audience. Write honest reviews on blogs or create videos about the products. Use tools like Google AdWords for advertising and search engine optimization (SEO) to attract more visitors. 18 This boosts traffic to your site and increases chances of making sales… which leads us to dropshipping!

Engaging in Dropshipping

Dropshipping lets you sell products online without keeping inventory. You partner with a supplier who ships items directly to your customers. This saves you from spending money upfront on stock.

The dropshipping market is growing fast and is expected to reach $557.9 billion by 2025. 13

To start, set up an ecommerce store using platforms like Shopify or eBay. Choose niche products that are in demand but not overly saturated—like unique phone accessories or eco-friendly goods.

Promote your store through social media marketing, targeting specific audiences on Facebook or Instagram ads for greater reach and sales conversion. 19

Technology-Based Income Ideas

How to Make Money When Young 4

You can make money using technology! Test new apps, join online surveys, or sell your photos…

Testing Apps and Websites

Platforms like UserTesting and Testing Time pay you to test apps and websites. Contributors complete tests, give feedback, and receive payments within 14 days20.

YouTube player

To start, sign up on these platforms with a valid email address. Perform tasks like clicking buttons or navigating pages. You get paid for each task done right… keep an eye out for new tests daily! 21.

Participating in Online Surveys

Some websites pay users for taking surveys. Sites like Swagbucks, Treasure Trooper, and Survey Junkie let you earn money from home. 23 You can make between $50 to $200 per month this way. 22 It’s simple: just answer questions about products or services.

These sites often give points that convert into cash or gift cards… Keep your opinions honest and clear to get more survey opportunities… Have a reliable internet connection and browse securely.

Online safety practices matter too! Jumping right in with these tips can help you start earning extra cash quickly—next, let’s look at how selling photography online works!

Selling Photography Online

Selling photos online can be easy and fun. Platforms like Shutterstock and Fotomoto let you upload your pictures for others to buy. 25 Find a niche in photography that matches market trends and your interests. 24

Good niches might include nature, cityscapes, or pets. Use quality equipment to take clear shots. Upload them to multiple sites for greater reach. Start making money with minimal effort!

Managing Social Media Accounts

Online platforms let you earn money handling social media. Websites like Upwork and Freelancer can help you find jobs that need managing accounts for companies or individuals. 26

Running a brand’s social media boosts its visibility and trust. Engaging posts on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram can attract more followers. This leads to more sales and better customer loyalty11

Creating Content for Blogs and Videos

You can turn your passion into profit by creating content for blogs and videos. Writing a personal blog lets you earn through adssponsored posts, or promoting products. Many bloggers use platforms like WordPress, Joomla, and Drupal to share their stories. 28

Creating digital art videos on YouTube offers even more opportunities. For instance, artists have gained work with companies because of their online presence. Use steady growth from views and subscribers to leverage ad revenue and sponsorships on YouTube channels27

Creative Projects for Youngsters

How to Make Money When Young 5

You can make money by using your creativity! Try making crafts or funny t-shirt designs to sell online.

Selling Handmade Crafts

Etsy stands as a top platform to sell handmade crafts29 Perfecting your craft boosts sales. Create items like bracelets, candles, or knitted scarves to attract buyers. Each product should be unique and well-made.

Try different styles and materials until you find what works best. Use clear photos and detailed descriptions to showcase your work online. People love seeing high-quality images when shopping for handmade items. 30

Designing and Selling T-shirts

Designing and selling t-shirts can be a great way to earn money. Selling just 50 shirts could bring in $500 profit. This makes it a profitable side hustle for young people, offering both creativity and income.

Hsu made an impressive $152,996.34 from Teespring in one year, netting a profit of $101,971.36. 31 Use online platforms like Teespring or Print on Demand services to start your own business easily.

Up next: Creating Digital Art and Graphics… 32

Creating Digital Art and Graphics

Switching gears from designing and selling T-shirts… creating digital art and graphics can be another fantastic way for young entrepreneurs to make money. Offer free products on Gumroad.

This approach worked wonders for Robert Marzullo, whose free brush pack got downloaded over 100,000 times! 33 Having talent in drawing or graphic design helps you start this side hustle.

Use tools like Adobe Illustrator or Procreate to create stunning visuals. Sell your unique designs on platforms such as Etsy or Redbubble. Stock photo websites like iStock also provide opportunities to sell your work.

Passionate about gaming? Design custom templates, emotes, or overlays for Twitch streamers34

Writing and Publishing eBooks

Creating stunning digital art enhances eBook covers and illustrations. Authors can earn their first payment in 3 months after publishing. 35 Lise Cartwright makes between $1,500-$2,000 monthly from self-published ebooks on platforms like Amazon Kindle35 This offers a solid income stream for young writers.

Choose subjects you love or know well. Write clearly without typos to engage readers better. Marketing your book using social media increases visibility and sales. Employ search results strategies to rank higher on Google’s listings, maximizing your reach and income potential online. 36

Performing Voiceover Services

Voiceover services can be a fun and profitable job. You can earn between $20–$500 per finished hour (PFH). 37 Established artists might even get more than $5,000 for one project.

Use platforms like Fiverr to find work. 38

You need a good microphone and quiet space to start. Practice reading scripts clearly. Record samples of your voice and create an online portfolio showcasing different styles: cartoons, ads, or audiobooks…

Your unique voice could become your ticket!

Essential Tips for Young Money-Makers

How to Make Money When Young 6

Learn to handle money wisely… Set clear goals and work towards them.

Learn the Value of Money

Understanding money is crucial for financial literacy. Knowing how to manage money can help prevent debt and build savings39 Interest rates are key here—higher interest rates mean more cost when borrowing but higher returns on savings.

Financial advice often includes tips on setting budgets, identifying needs vs. wants, and understanding the power of compound interest over time. Men who grasp these basics can make better decisions with their earnings and investments. 40

Set Financial Objectives

Learn the value of money by setting clear financial goals. Decide how much you want to earn and save. Use the 50/30/20 rule; spend 50% on needs, 30% on wants, and save 20%. 41

Track your progress with a chart or app. This will keep you motivated. Goals help plan better for bigger purchases, like bikes or games42

Acquire Basic Business Skills

Setting financial objectives is crucial, but acquiring basic business skills ensures ongoing success. 43 Start with a simple one-page business plan to map out your goals and actions. 44 Understanding how money works helps you make better decisions.

Practice writing clear invoices and keeping track of expenses. Know the basics of marketing—use social media platforms like TikTok or YouTube for promotion. Learn essential tools like online databases and content management systems (CMS) such as WordPress or Joomla.

Develop your customer service skills by engaging well with clients both offline and on digital mediums.

Enhance these abilities early for a strong foundation in any venture you choose. Always aim to improve by taking small online courses that offer practical insights into digital marketing, web development, or mobile app creation.

Emphasize Saving and Budgeting

Mastering business skills also means understanding money. Allocate at least 20% of your income to savings. 45 This builds a cushion for the future.

Keeping savings in a separate account helps you manage finances better45 Avoid unnecessary spending… Secure funds for emergencies and big purchases42

Safety Measures for Young Earners

How to Make Money When Young 7

Use strong passwords online… Parents should supervise activities. Don’t fall for scams!

Implement Online Safety Practices

Protect your personal data online. Use strong, unique passwords for every account to keep your information safe. Avoid sharing sensitive details like your full name, home address, or phone number on the internet.

Be careful with emails and messages; don’t click on links from unknown sources. 47

Secure parental controls if you’re under 18. These tools help monitor activities and set boundaries for safer browsing. Look out for phishing scams disguised as trustworthy websites or emails asking for personal data.

Always check the website URL before entering any payment details.

Ensure Parental Supervision46

Ensure Parental Supervision

Parental supervision is crucial for young earners. It ensures safety and guides proper decision-making. A study shows that knowing a child’s whereabouts lowers delinquency rates48 Parents should monitor online activities to prevent scams—learning about privacy settings on social media accounts helps.

For example, when babysitting or running a lemonade stand, parents can ensure children’s safety by being present. Online ventures need extra care; they must understand terms before making deals.

This prevents falling for fake job ads or malicious websites. Parental guidance builds trust and security in all money-making activities for kids. 49

Learn to Identify Scams

Supervision helps… but learning to identify scams is crucial too. Scammers often pose as real businesses or use emails and texts that look genuine. 51

Research the company name online. Verify email addresses carefully. Look out for grammar mistakes and urgent language—these are red flags50

Check reviews on sites like Amazon or Yelp before buying from online retailers. Never share personal data like your Social Security number without proper verification.

People Also Ask

What are some fun and easy side hustles for young people?

Young people can try pet-sitting, becoming a photographer, or working as a lifeguard. They can also explore live-streaming or blogging.

How do I make money with web development?

You can create websites or mobile apps as a front-end developer or back-end developer. You could also work on Android applications.

Can I earn money through online platforms?

Yes! Try Amazon Mechanical Turk for small tasks, StockX for selling items like sneakers, and freelancing sites to become copywriters or technical writers.

What should I know about investing while young?

Consider exchange-traded funds (ETFs) and index funds to start investing early. Always learn to identify scams before putting in your money.

How do freelance writers make money?

Freelance writing involves creating content for blogs, adsense articles, and educational materials online—ensure you follow copyright laws when doing so.

Are there opportunities in digital media for making money?

Yes! Sell stock photos under creative commons licenses; be an influencer on TikTok like Imane Anys (Pokimane), or test games and share reviews online.

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