How to Make Father’s Day Memorable

No single gift guide adequately represents what to get your dad for Father’s Day. The phase in life they are in and the personality and sentimentality of men differ, resulting in many options. When planning Father’s Day, all of these factors should be considered when deciding the best way to celebrate.

How to Begin Your Day

Despite all the gifts and adventures you can shower your dad with on his special day, beginning with a good breakfast is important. Starting with either breakfast in bed or going to a good breakfast or brunch restaurant always gets the day started on the right foot, filling everyone’s bellies for whatever adventures lie ahead. Nearly 80% of dads enjoy bonding with their children over a meal.

What to Plan

When you ask a dad what they want for Father’s Day, nearly three-quarters of dads would prefer to skip a gift altogether and instead focus on making memories and having experiences. These experiences can range from hiking, sporting events, movies, and interactive game nights. 

All of these activities allow families more time to be together, engage in activities that interest them, and allow for further bonding and interaction that they may otherwise not have time for. This is the reason for Father’s Day – appreciating the familial attachments that have been created and expanding on them.

Gifts to Give

Although dads may not want a gift, it is often the thought that counts. Most dads prefer something more versatile without the “#1 Dad” taglines. If you want to make something more specifically geared towards Father’s Day, dads appreciate sentimental memorabilia. Fathers enjoy the extra attention and love, be it a funny shirt, a photo book full of family memories, or meaningful letters.

If you are going to buy a gift, dads appreciate high-end or useful gifts. For the tech-savvy dad, he may appreciate the AirPods or Apple Watch. Other dads may appreciate clothing or a good pair of leather boots. Some dads may want a gift more dedicated to their hobbies, like a meat thermometer or a distillery kit. Whatever the gift, make it significant or geared toward his interests and sense of humor. 

How to  End Your Day

Fathers universally enjoy ending the day with a good meal. This meal is often enjoyed at home with Dad working the grill. A BBQ combines all of Dad’s favorite foods, people, and atmosphere into one. Dads openly admit that they prefer to run the grill, allowing them not only to grill a steak to their level of satisfaction but also to share in their abundance and gratitude with those they love. 

An additional investment you can make on Father’s Day, helping to make grilling a tradition, is investing in different gift subscription ideas. Some of these may include a meat subscription or beer subscription service. By giving gifts that the family can enjoy throughout the year, you are allowing more opportunities to spend time together. 


As you approach Father’s Day, it is not the gift you buy that has the greatest impact on your dad but the time, food, fun, and memories made together. These are the things that will last and are more important. 

Of course, don’t forget a gift because the thought and attention to detail are the icing on your father’s cake, helping them feel more loved and appreciated.




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