How to Find the Artist of An Oil Painting: Some Helpful Suggestions That You Might Not Be Aware Of

Listen up, guys. Did you spot an oil painting that you really liked? Did you see the painting and had to know who created it? You are not alone. You might think it is impossible since you do not see a signature at the bottom. The signature might be there, but it could be blurred to some degree.

Why not make it fun? Turn your search into a game. That way the experience can be even more rewarding when you do find the answer.

How To Find The Artist Of An Oil Painting: Three Tips To Make It More Fun

1) Think about how cops narrow down a list of suspects. The first step in how to find the artist of an oil painting is to figure out who it could not be.

Those who know art and painters can easily recognize the type of oil painting it is. Every artist has a style of their own. Make a list of artists. Then, scratch off who does not relate to that time period.

Take not of whether the oil painting is modern, abstract, or more traditional. Reaching that conclusion will narrow your list more.

2) Another solution is using the internet. You use the internet for everything else. Why not use it for this?

There is a site online that dedicates itself to artist signatures. You could look there. You can also look it up based on the monogram. What you need to do is remember the letters that came in clear on the painting. Enter those letters into the database. It will bring up a list of all painters that have those letters.

Did you take a snapshot of the picture when no one was looking? That can help too. You could send the image to someone on that site. They might be able to locate the picture and artist for you. Some of you might not be that lucky, but it’s worth a try. Finding the artist of an oil painting isn’t always easy.

That is why you should try to remember the letters. That way you can compare the letters and signatures online. Which ever one looks the closest is probably going to be your winner.


This one is kind of a no-brainer. Take the snapshot of the image (if you are lucky to get one). Do a Google search based on those results. Google will bring up almost everything you need to know.

3) The final solution could be to get out a book. Some of you might not be internet savvy. I get that. Take out a book an oil paintings. There are many books on art, including ones for those that have discernible signatures. There is one book that has more than 50,000 published artist details. You can compare signatures and everything, making it much easier to find the artist of that oil painting you adore.

You could even find one online (if you are on the internet).

One good book to use is by John Castagno.

Good luck with your search!



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