Ways to Stay Comfortable when Working Outdoors

There are many advantages to working outdoors. Getting plenty of fresh air and exercise while earning your livelihood can be equal parts invigorating and rewarding. However, if the proper precautions aren’t taken, outdoor work is liable to become very uncomfortable. Fortunately, staying comfortable while doing roadwork, construction or any other type of work that involves being outside doesn’t have to be an arduous undertaking. Members of the workforce who spend the bulk of their time outdoors can stay safe and comfy with the following pointers.

Invest in Durable Clothing

As anyone with experience in blue-collar labor can attest, your work clothes are going to be put through their paces on a daily basis. Since your work attire is going to get dirty and banged up fairly regularly, it generally doesn’t pay to get too attached. Although it’s absolutely possible to find stylish outdoor workwear, clothing for blue-collar jobs generally emphasizes practicality and durability over fashion. So, when shopping for men’s work jeans, keep an eye out for brands that tout long life and resilience. In some instances, durable workwear can help protect you from injury, so practicality should be foremost on your mind when seeking out the right job attire.    

Protect Yourself from Sun Exposure

Excessive sun exposure is among the most serious issues facing outdoor workers. In addition to short-term issues like dehydration and heatstroke, too much sun can result in far-reaching ailments like skin cancer. Unfortunately, despite how dangerous consistent sun exposure can be, a staggering number of workers don’t take the proper measures to protect themselves.

For starters, you’ll need to apply sunscreen to any exposed areas throughout the day. Do this as often as the packaging recommends, although it will likely be somewhere in the area of every two hours. Some outdoor workers only take this precaution during the summer, but sun exposure can be every bit as dangerous throughout the cold weather months. Wearing hats and other clothing designed to limit sun exposure can also prove helpful in this area. Secondly, make a point of staying hydrated throughout the day. Whenever you feel the desire to drink some water, don’t hesitate to act on it. Furthermore, give yourself regular breaks from the sun, even if you’re not feeling particularly fatigued. If, however, you do find yourself overwhelmed by the heat, get yourself to a cool area posthaste.       

Stay Warm in the Winter

If you live in a part of the country that’s prone to extreme winters, you’d best bundle up during the cold weather months. In fact, depending on how cold and snowy your area gets, frostbite and hypothermia may be daily concerns for outdoor workers. That being the case, staying consistently warm should be foremost on your mind during the chilliest time of year. No matter how resilient you think you are against cold weather, failure to take the proper precautions is liable to have devastating consequences in certain areas.

Outdoor workers in brutally cold areas will be well-served by dressing in layers. To start with, a wicking layer will help prevent the body from cooling down because of sweat and transfer moisture to the next layer – i.e., the light insulating layer, which is generally a light fleece or sweater. Next comes the heavy insulating layer, which is an even heavier fleece or sweater that serves to trap body heat. Lastly, there’s the windproof/waterproof layer, which protects your body from weather conditions, like cold wind and snow. Additionally, take care to don warm, durable hats, gloves and boots. Keeping your head and feet warm is particularly important, and a good torque hat and pair of insulated boots can prove tremendously helpful in this endeavor. 

Spending your workdays outdoors can be deeply rewarding on a number of levels. Not only does staying on your feet all day provide you with plenty of exercise, it enables you to become better acquainted with the great outdoors. Of course, this isn’t to say that outdoor work doesn’t have its disadvantages. Excessive sun exposure, dehydration and exhaustion are just a few of the things outdoor workers need to watch out for on a daily basis. Outside workers who wish to go about their days in safety and comfort would be wise to take the previously discussed measures.  



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