How Nathan Freihofer Uses Transparency to Create Engaging Content

Every day, hundreds of millions of people worldwide flock to the internet to fill their need for content. Statistics show that, in 2022, people spent nearly two and a half hours a day on social media, either creating content or being exposed to it. YouTube alone sees 2,500 new videos uploaded every minute, according to Wyzowl, amounting to 3.7 million videos per day.

It’s next to impossible to gauge how many pieces of content come online daily between all the major social platforms. But one thing’s for sure – content creation has become a part of everyday life. So for people who do it professionally, or aspire to it, finding a way to cut through the noise and be noticeable and engaging, is a high priority.

Nathan Freihofer is a content creator with millions of followers on TikTok. A former professional soldier, he usually posts videos from the gym, funny videos, and videos featuring his fiancé. Judging by the responses to his videos and the rising follower numbers, it’s obvious he’s doing something right. And his transparency and frankness might be what’s doing the trick.

“I’ve watched a lot of fitness content when it started getting big, and I was looking to get into lifting weights,” says Nathan Freihofer. “And over the years, some experienced and knowledgeable people have entered the space and created some valuable content. But I’m not a fitness pro – I’m just a guy who likes lifting weights and is good at doing deadlifts. So that’s the kind of content I post.”

Nathan Freihofer

Nathan Freihofer’s content often shows life as it is. He’s dedicated to it, too, going so far as to make videos about the mishaps that occur when people try to lift heavy weights. “It’s what happens, so there’s no reason not to post it” might not be his credo or philosophy officially, but when Nathan Freihofer follows it, his audiences appreciate it.

And it’s not just funny videos or things he sees on the street while driving at night that Nathan Freihofer likes to share. He also put out a video of his proposal to his then-girlfriend, now-fiancé. He followed it up with more couples content, too, but it’s clear that his ability to give the audience small pieces of content that make them feel like they’re a part of the story is one of the traits driving his success.

It’s not just about driving success, however. Nathan Freihofer also decided to use his platform for good when he created a video detailing his struggles with anorexia. It might be hard to believe that someone with a physique like his and videos of himself eating junk food suffered from it, but it shows that recovery is possible – if people get the right kind of help. So that’s what he’d like to encourage people to do.

“When I was trying to find videos online about anorexia, it was difficult to find something that would relate to a guy,” Nathan Freihofer says. “And guys get anorexia, too. So, I decided to tell my story and put it online so that people can have someone to relate to, someone who’s been through it and emerged on the other end. It should, at least, make people who suffer from anorexia feel less lonely.” His engagement on the content shows he’s going in the right direction and that people need someone to let them see him and make them feel seen.



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