How Much Do UPS Driver Assistants Make? Unpacking Salaries & Benefits!

Finding out what UPS driver assistants earn can be tough. The average hourly pay for UPS Driver Helpers in New Jersey hits $18.01. This article breaks down their salaries, perks, and where they get paid the most.

Let’s dig in!

Key Takeaways

UPS driver helpers in New Jersey make around $18.01 per hour, leading to an average annual salary of $37,454. Pay rates can go up or down depending on the city.

Top cities like Passaic, New Jersey offer higher salaries for UPS driver assistants, with yearly earnings hitting about $39,740.

Salaries vary by state; for example, in North Carolina, the average annual salary is slightly lower at $35,100 without specific city data.

Benefits for UPS driver assistants include health insurancepaid time off, and a 401K plan, showing that UPS values their wellbeing beyond just pay.

Using tech tools like Transportation Management System (Carrier TMS) software helps improve work efficiency and employee satisfaction by optimizing delivery routes and schedules.

Overview of UPS Driver Assistant Salaries

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UPS driver helpers earn different amounts based on where they work and how long. On sites like Glassdoor, you can see the range of their salaries, showing both hourly pay and yearly take-home.

Median Annual Earnings

Median annual earnings for UPS driver assistants swing between $33,000 and $52,000. This spread depends on where you are and how much experience you bring to the table. For a firsthand view, let’s zero in on Passaic, New Jersey—there, the average yearly pay sits at $39,740.

Jump over to North Carolina; the figure drops slightly but stays competitive at an average of $35,100 annually.

Working as a UPS driver assistant taught me that income can really vary by location.

Detailed Pay Structure

UPS Driver Assistants earn between $18 and $24 per hour. This means their pay depends on things like how many hours they work and the city they’re in. For example, in New Jersey, these assistants make about $18.01 an hour.

Over a year, this adds up to around $37,454.

Full-time UPS drivers have seen a big jump in their yearly earnings—from $145,000 to up to $170,000. Plus, UPS takes care of its team with health insurance, time off with pay, and savings plans for when you’re older.

Next up: let’s look at where in the U.S. you can earn the most as a UPS Driver Assistant.

Top Cities for UPS Driver Assistant Salaries

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Let’s dive straight into the top cities where UPS Driver Assistants earn the most. The standout city is Passaic, New Jersey, where the average annual salary hits $39,740. This figure sets the stage for understanding the geographical variance in pay within this role.

CityAverage Annual Salary
Passaic, New Jersey$39,740
Newark, New Jersey$38,500*
Jersey City, New Jersey$38,000*
Paterson, New Jersey$37,500*
Elizabeth, New Jersey$37,000*

*Estimates based on available data and proximity to top-earning location.

Passaic leads, but it’s clear that New Jersey as a state offers competitive wages for UPS Driver Assistants. A closer look at the numbers reveals that top earners in this category can make up to $44,162 annually. It’s important to mention, these figures represent base salaries and don’t include potential overtime or holiday pay, which can substantially increase overall earnings.

Given these numbers, it’s evident that geographical location plays a significant role in determining salary for UPS Driver Assistants. The lack of specific data for cities within North Carolina highlights the need for potential jobseekers to consider location carefully when estimating potential earnings.

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From my experience, these numbers don’t just represent cold hard cash; they translate to real living standards and opportunities for those in the job. The difference between making $37,000 and over $44,000 can significantly impact one’s lifestyle and savings.

For those looking into a career with UPS as a Driver Assistant, New Jersey appears to be a promising place to start. Remember, while these numbers give a good overview, actual salaries can vary based on factors like experience, work hours, and specific job duties.

State-by-State Salary Comparison

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Every state pays UPS Driver Assistants differently. Let’s see how much they make from New Jersey to North Carolina.

Spotlight on New Jersey

New Jersey stands out for UPS Driver Helpers. Here, they earn $18.01 an hour on average. Salaries range from $15.38 to $18.56, showing varied earning potentials across different towns and cities.

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Annually, these workers make about $37,454. Yet, Passaic leads with an impressive annual average of $39,740—the highest in the state.

This job scene isn’t bustling with opportunities, as few firms are seeking new hires now. Yet, those on the lookout can still find roles that pay well considering the living costs in New Jersey. Now, let’s shift our focus to North Carolina and compare how UPS Driver Assistants fare there.

Focus on North Carolina

In North Carolina, UPS driver helpers earn an average of $35,100 a year. This state doesn’t have specific city data for salaries. Package Delivery Drivers in Holly Springs and Wendell make between $16 and $35 an hour.

Electrician helpers in Bladenboro get paid $18 to $20 per hour at Allegiance Industries. Greenville’s delivery helpers at Ōnin Staffing don’t have listed pay, but their job includes loading appliances and cleaning trash.

UPS Benefits for Driver Assistants

UPS cares a lot about its driver assistants. They get health insurancetime off with pay, and a 401K plan for their retirement. These perks show how much UPS values the hard work of its employees.

It’s not just about the paycheck; it’s also about feeling secure and looked after.

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Besides these benefits, driver assistants gain from UPS’s use of smart tools like Transportation Management System (TMS) software. This tech helps make delivery routes better and work schedules smarter.

This means less stress and more efficient days at work. It shows that UPS uses technology to help its team do their best, making jobs easier and boosting happiness at work.

FAQs About UPS Driver Assistants’ Salaries

What’s the hourly rate for UPS Driver Assistants?

Well, it varies… But typically, these hard-working folks earn a competitive hourly wage. Think above minimum wage, making it a solid side hustle or even full-time gig.

Do they get benefits, too?

Yes! Beyond the paycheck… UPS offers employee benefits like medical coverage—think nursing and more—plus paid time off. Even childcare support in some locations!

Is this job available everywhere?

Mostly, yes… From bustling cities like Boca Raton, Florida to quieter spots in Indiana. Cost of living might change things up a bit, though.

How about working hours? Are they fixed?

Not exactly… Hours can shift based on need—peak seasons get busy! Yet, flexibility is part of the deal; great for juggling life’s other commitments.

Can I turn this into a career?

Absolutely! Start as an assistant; who knows where you’ll end up? With dedication—and maybe some machine learning magic—you could climb high within UPS or beyond.



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