Home Staging Tips For Selling Your Bachelor Pad

The death of a bachelor. It’s a notion that most find hard to believe, especially when Saturdays aren’t always for the boys anymore. But you have found the love of your life, and we recognize that! However, your special someone recognizes your living space is of another life, a bachelor pad. 

It’s time to do what’s best and sell your bachelor pad, and you find yourself wondering how you’re going to sell your home. It can be mind-bottling on how to efficiently arrange your home to maximize your selling outcome. It’s a good thing your good ole friend Unfinished Man is here with home staging tips for selling your bachelor pad. 

1. First Impressions Matter 

There’s an old saying that when you first meet someone, you decide within the first seven seconds if you like that person or not. The same concept can be inferred about your home. The first aspect of your home a potential buyer will see is the exterior, particularly the front entrance area. If it appears to be dirty, in disarray, or a bachelor pad at first glance, the odds will never be in your favor. 

Remember, we’re devoted to masculinity, therefore make a strong first impression. If you have a front porch you may want to consider power washing it, or at the very least, diminishing what dirt there is the best you can. 

Contemplate purchasing a doormat and possibly a few potted plants. You’re staging your home to be someone’s next or first, hence make it homely. We want to ensure your home is approachable and inviting, and not look like something out of the Fallout series.

2. I Think We Need Some Space

One of the most important courses in home staging 101 is space! Declutter each room the best you can, this way each room looks and feels more enticing. Potential buyers will be walking through every room in the house to check storage capacity and to visualize their own layout. So, make sure you’re removing none-essentials to generate a more appealing look. 

A few miscellaneous items to remove:

  • Personal Items 
  • Trash 
  • Dirty Laundry & Dirty Dishes 
  • Electronics 
  • Excess Furniture 

3. All Looks, No Personality 

When buyers are viewing a home, they are analyzing how they can make it their own. Think of it like this, the home you’re staging is a blank canvas and the potential buyer could create a work of art their way. It would be rather difficult to make the art their own if a fraction of the canvas was already complete. 

Buyers may struggle perceiving what they would like their potential home to express if your personal items are laying around, or even worse, still looks like a bachelor pad. 

Remove personal photos you may have hanging on the walls or on furniture like an entertainment center. Make sure you keep your clothes stored somewhere out of sight and out of the closet. The buyer wants to picture what the closet could look like for them, not view the fall collection. Remove any toiletries from your bathroom(s) countertop and bathing area. Also, take down anything that resembles anything religious. Buyer may be deterred based on differing religious beliefs. 

Don’t forget that in this instance, personality doesn’t matter. De-personalizing your home for staging may feel a little uncanny, but it’s very beneficial in assisting the buyer in their purchasing decision. 

This article was brought to you by Henderson Properties, a full-service real estate agency serving communities in North Carolina and South Carolina.



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