Heatbox – A Self Heating Lunchbox

For those of us who are constantly on the go, whether its commuting from here to there, working, going to school, we love ourselves a hot lunch. But most of the time, we end up going to a fast food restaurant or end up getting those microwavable noodles, which is very unhealthy. When we are commuting, a microwave isn’t available and when we are at work or school, usually the microwave is pretty dirty with so many different smells that it makes you want to eat your food cold. Microwaves also take away the nutrients and taste of your food so it’s not the best way to heat up your food. The Heatbox self heating lunchbox is a portable solution to ensuring you have a hot, healthy meal each time you use it. The Heatbox is a cordless, re-chargeable lunchbox so you can even leave the office and sit outside to enjoy the fresh air and scenery while eating.

The Heatbox doesn’t work like a microwave which heats through radiation and takes away important nutrients. It steams your food, giving you tasty and healthy food. It’s easy to prep in the morning before you set out for your day. You simply add 30ml of water, add your food in the provided container and close the top, and then close the top of the Heatbox. Once you are ready, you simply push the button, and your food is ready in 8-12 minutes. The Heatbox is also leak-proof so you can even take soup.

The Heatbox can be pre-ordered from indiegogo.com for $130.



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