The Game That Never Stops: Final Fantasy XV is Here and Android Users are Cheering

We have waited for a long time, but that period is finally over and a new dawn of gaming is here, along with Final Fantasy XV for Android. Can you imagine finally being able to take your favorite Final Fantasy characters with you, no matter where you go? And the best part about it is that the new game is absolutely free to play.

Build your empire from the ground up

If you’re a fan of other “build and battle” types of games, you’re going to love this one. Machine Zone’s Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire combines the good old proven recipe with the Final Fantasy cast we’ve all grown to admire and love. Manage your resources to build powerful cities and conquer the ones from your opposition.

Resource management is key

Since resources come in limited supplies, it’s important to think about how you’re going to spend them. Will you upgrade one of your buildings or will you grow a bigger and better army? The choice rests on your shoulders, but it’s an exciting one to make. Generally speaking, resources will accumulate over time, but if you need a little boost, you can always consider making an in-app purchase.

A way to determine the best strategist around

If you think you’ve got what it takes to position yourself as one of the best strategists, Final Fantasy XV for Android will effectively put your skills to the test. Can you defend yourself against the opposing armies and launch a powerful counter-attack of your own? Do you know what your units are best at and how to utilize them to their highest potential? Then it’s time to prove it.

Stunning graphics and deep gameplay

Oftentimes, we need the visual aspect to be appealing in order to get into the game. But once the initial infatuation recedes a bit, we crave for something more, something that will make us stay. Luckily, Final Fantasy XV is great at both, visuals and strategic depth. At the end of the day, nothing motivates you more to get better than the amount of things you need to learn in order to get an edge over other players.

Enter a parade of fun that never ends

The beauty about these types of games is that they just never end. Unlike other, story-based games, this game will keep you busy for hours on end, and you can play whenever you feel like spending a couple of minutes on it, which makes it a perfect way to kill time when waiting for your meal to cook or while you’re waiting for the bus to arrive, and so forth. The only danger is enjoying it to the point of addiction, which – of course – is not a healthy way to go about it.


Final Fantasy XV is here, and the title simply does not disappoint. The options of how you want to build your perfect empire are open and never-ending, so it’s up to you how you want to approach it and engage in an epic showdown of minds!




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