Ferrari FXX K – For Track Use Only

Ferrari’s last supercar, the Enzo, which had a track-only version called the FXX, Ferrari’s latest supercar (or hyper car) gets a track-only version, called the Ferrari FXX K. No, it doesn’t stand for F**k, the K represents KERS, the Kenetic Energy Recovery System.

The Ferrari FXX K is based on the “LaFerrari” supercar, but has been extensively worked on for track use only. The car is powered by a 6.3 liter naturally aspirated V12 engine that produces 848 horsepower, up from 789 on the LaFerrari and the electric motor produces 187, up from 160, for a combined total output of 1,035 Italian stallions! The torque number is lower than the LaFerrari’s by 51 pound-feet, for a total output of 664 lb-ft.


The bodywork on the car has been extensively worked over, with lots of winglets all around the car, providing up to 50% more down force than the LaFerrari. The car also benefits from racing slick tires, upgraded brakes, traction control, and upgraded suspension.





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