Everything You Should Know About the Multi-Talented Nathalie Dahners

Nathalie Dahners (also known as Nathalie Dahn) is a German-American international model. She is known for her successful career, working with top brands in diverse industries. Nathalie studied business and management in Berlin before moving to New York to study acting and pursue modeling. Passionate and dedicated to what she does, Nathalie quickly landed her first show at New York Fashion Week and various magazine covers. At the same time, Nathalie studied acting, which remains one of her passions. NYFW is one of her significant career highlights and one that shaped her path to her current success.

The talented model is an ambassador for the charity Beauty for Freedom, which aims to help and empower survivors of human trafficking and at-risk youth. The organization’s focus is to strengthen survivors’ self-esteem to find their voice and express themselves freely, a topic that Nathalie is passionate about.

A multi-talented individual, Nathalie has since transitioned into the real estate sector with a massive business portfolio. Currently based between New York City and Miami, Nathalie is gradually scaling her presence in real estate with Super Luxury Group in Miami. The innate entrepreneur is also working on her fashion and beauty niche company, which is yet to be officially launched.

With a clear idea of what she wants to achieve, Nathalie has always followed her dreams, no matter what stood in her way. This includes moving to New York, signing contracts with agencies, and landing the covers of the best magazines in the world. Along the way, she has become a role model for younger girls who strive to achieve similar goals. Nathalie now confidently believes that this is her greatest success, trusting everyone has a unique perspective. This makes her appreciate, support, and be a voice for girls seeking to pursue their dreams in life.

The bi-continental businesswoman believes failure is part of life and helps people grow and learn. She looks at every failure as a teachable moment in life and moves on, which has been her catalyst to overcome failure. This includes accepting setbacks and embracing them, not getting yourself down, but using the challenges to spur a greater drive to do even better.

To Nathalie, success is a subjective concept that everyone views differently. Someone is successful if they are happy with what you are doing in life. Happiness is the biggest success you can achieve, so never compromise it for anything. Also, everyone is unique and has something unique to share with the world. Self-expression is freedom, and she encourages and celebrates everyone that shares their magic with the world as everyone deserves to shine.

“It has always been my priority to be the ‘captain of my own ship,’ which I’ve realized in the sphere of my business studies, which I started with a lot of passion in Berlin. At the same time, I started my modeling career, which is why I moved to New York. I quickly realized that modeling is a great way to implement and apply the lessons learned from college in real life. I believe that true knowledge is gained through experience, and if the opportunity arises, I strongly recommend that you decide to take it,” concludes Nathalie.



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