Why You Should Buy a Truck Instead of a Car

People are sometimes surprised to see how many truck owners there are, even in the middle of the most populated cities. The fact is that people love driving pickup trucks, and they enjoy them so much that the trend toward huge pickup truck sales never goes away. In fact, that’s why buying a used pickup truck is an excellent option for saving money.

Why Drive a Pickup Truck in the City?

Suppose you’re driving around various parts of the greater Toronto area and see a Mississauga Ram 1500 among several other pickup trucks driving along the Erin Mills Parkway. In this case, you might be surprised that so many pickup truck owners live in an urban center. Then again, this kind of scenario isn’t uncommon in any city in Canada or beyond.

If you aren’t already convinced by a natural love of this kind of vehicle, the chances are that you’ve never owned a pickup truck yourself to gain firsthand experience of all of the reasons why people continue to keep trucks. Whatever the reason you had for hesitating in the past, it might be time to consider whether the overwhelming popularity of pickup trucks suggests you’re missing out on a good thing.

Comparing to a Car

In some cases, people buy pickup trucks out of pure necessity. If you’re self-employed as a contractor, for example, you’ll need a way to transport building materials like plywood, lumber and gyprock with ease.

However, the most prominent examples of this kind of need are far from the only case wherein someone decides to become a truck owner. If you’re in a position where a car or a truck both present good possibilities for a new mode of transportation, the decision will be more difficult.

Better Fuel Mileage than Ever Before

Trucks aren’t exactly known as the world’s most fuel-friendly vehicles, but there’s a reason for that. After all, you can’t have a vehicle that offers rugged power capable of performing well in the toughest of situations without requiring an energy source to power it.

That said, today’s trucks are more fuel-efficient than has ever been possible in the past. Automotive companies recognize that fuel costs are increasing and that people value more ecologically sound options, so they have worked hard at increasing the energy efficiency of trucks.


You might not need a truck on the job site every day, but there are a thousand uses for a pickup truck that any consumer can enjoy. Some of these include:

  • Carrying goods and equipment to the cottage
  • Moving to a new home
  • Purchasing large items
  • Tow a boat or ATV

The fact is that there are so many uses for a truck that you’ll also be able to help your friends and family when they are in need. You can also use your truck to earn extra money by moving items for strangers.

There’s no doubt that pickup trucks are so popular because people enjoy using them and find them to be extremely handy. The best way to find out is to visit a used truck dealership where you can test out a truck for yourself.




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