Electric Cars: How Accessible & Affordable Are They Today?

A lot of people are still too cautious to buy an electric car. Whether it’s the fear of higher cost or lower comfort, the majority of cars in the streets today are still powered by gas.

However, are we correct in doubting the potential of electric cars? After all, they’ve been around for a while now and new improved models are released every year.

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In this article, we will take another look at the electric car market and compare their prices. Let’s see if they’re more affordable today, now that this industry has passed its initial hype.

The Prices

You can find new electric car models for about $30k or even lower. Some older models which are still being made can be found for under £25k too. Of course, the cheaper EVs aren’t as powerful or comfortable as the high-end models.

They have batteries of smaller capacity and, consequently, a lower range. Despite that, though, these budget options make it possible to get an EV for a modest price. It could be easily compared to the price of a new economy class car with a combustion engine.

Some examples of cars with prices under $35k include:

  • Smart ED ($24,000)
  • Ford Focus Electric ($29,200)
  • Hyundai Ioniq Electric ($29,500)
  • Nissan Leaf – 2nd Gen ($30,000)
  • VW e-Golf ($30,500)
  • Renault Zoe ($31,000)
  • Fiat 500e ($33,000)
  • KIA Soul EV ($34,000)
  • Tesla Model 3 Standard ($35,000)

So, in terms of the price range, the so-called greener cars are now more accessible than ever. In fact, they’ve become powerful competitors for traditional gas cars.

You should also remember than electric cars require much less maintenance. Plus, electricity is cheaper than gas, so everyday upkeep would save you money in the long run.

The Service & Charging Spots

A side from the prices, most people are repelled from going electric due to the lack of infrastructure. It’s still fairly difficult to travel long-distances. Sometimes, finding a charging station for your car in a less populated area is impossible.

This applies to pretty much every country in the world, including the US. Thus, most people either choose other means of long-distance travel or have to plan their trips very carefully.

The same issue stands for repair services, many of which aren’t suited for EVs. However, compared to the situation a few years before, the infrastructure has improved a lot.

This is because new stations, charging spots and EV services are established rapidly and steadily. The problem is that a lot of these stations are needed to cover every area.

Improved Performance

Finally, while some electric vehicles are slightly cheaper, many of them – especially the high-end models – have improved.

They have a better range, last longer, have better durability and charge faster. A lot depends on the model you choose, but with more and more purchases, EV companies are already improving their technologies.

So, if you’ve been thinking of getting an electric car and saving money, this is a good time to do it. Just pay attention to the different specifics of each model to find the one that suits you best.




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