Don’t Have a Drink & a Drive! Plus Other Essential Summer Driving Tips

In the famous music video above the singer suggest that one of the best things to do in the summer is to have a drink and a drive. Of course, current wisdom points to this being one of the worst things you can do to ensure your own safety, that of your passengers and other road users. In fact, there are quite a few things you need to be aware of concerning safety when you are on the road this summer. A topic that you can find out more about in the post below.

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Alcohol and driving don’t mix.

When the weather is warm, it can be incredibly tempting to up our intake of alcohol. After all, there is nothing so refreshing as a nice cold beer on a hot day. However, what many people forget is the effect that this can have on their driving.

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In fact, with the alcohol limit in the UK being 80mg of alcohol for every 100 mg of blood in your body, even a single drink if it’s a large measure can put you over. Something that can get you into a great deal of trouble if you are stopped by the police, or involved in even the most minor of accidents.

Of course, alcohol is known to dull the sense, and that means if you drink and drive you reactions won’t be as fast as they usually are. An effect that can lead to an accident that at best can cost you a fortune in repairs and insurance fees, and at worst end up in a loss of life. Therefore, when driving this summer, it’s best to stick to soft drinks only and forget the alcohol altogether or get a cab home if you know you will want to indulge.

Cool your vehicle.

Next, to drive safely and comfortably in the hot summer weather it is worth taking some time before you set out on your journey to cool your car. Why? Well, for one riding around in a boiling hot vehicle can be genuinely unpleasant and interfere significantly with your concentration, making crashes and accidents much more likely.

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Of course, if you find that you have got into an accident situation, it is wise to consult with a car accident lawyer that can assess your case. They can then ascertain who was at fault, as well as whether you stand a good chance of being awarded compensation for your case. Something that can be put towards car repairs and even medical bulls if the situation was severe.

Keep your fluids topped up.

Also, when driving in the hot summer sun, it’s vital that you keep your fluids topped up. In fact, this applies to both you the driver, and your vehicle too.

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It is essential that you as the driver stay hydrated as this can make a massive difference to your driving, and stop you from becoming too sleepy in the hot sun.

Your vehicle’s fluids, of course, need to be maintained as well including water and oil, as such things will evaporate more quickly in the warmer weather. A phenomenon that is not so good for the smooth running of your car, especially if they end up being empty on a long journey.

Be careful with pets.

It is also crucial when driving in the summer that you adhere to the advice about not leaving pets or children, for that matter,  in hot cars for an extended period. In fact, this can be very dangerous to their health because it causes overheating and can lead to heat stroke.

Therefore, never leave either children or pets unattended for long periods of time in a vehicle. If you do have to leave them for a short time ensure they have the aircon on, or the windows open for a breeze as well as plenty of cold water to them as hydrated as possible. Otherwise, you risk folks breaking your window to free them, or even reporting you to the police!

Maintain your vehicle.

Lastly, to be safe in the summer, it is essential that you take the time to maintain your vehicle and get it serviced regularly. The reason being that summer driving can take a significant toll on the engine, as well as the outside of your car.

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In fact, by making an effort to maintain your vehicle correctly, you can significantly reduce to the risk of overheating and breakdown, as well as ensure that it is running in the safest way as possible. Something that makes it a vital aspect of staying safe on the roads this summer.




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