Does Wainscoting Increase Property Value?

Wainscoting is a general term that describes various wood cladding typically used to cover the lower third or half of the interior houses’ walls. Currently, most homeowners looking for affordable renovation ideas for their bathrooms, kitchen, dining, bedroom, or living room prefer wainscoting, thanks to its eye-catching results.

Even then, some property owners are uncertain about the profitability of wainscoting. Ideally, homeowners should ensure that they outsource wainscoting to professionals, such as Doors Plus, for maximum benefits. 

Decorative and Functional Benefits

Traditionally, wainscoting was a functional addition used to protect the interior walls from wear and tear and insulate a house. Today, wainscoting is used as a decorative finish to elevate room design.

When implemented correctly, wainscoting is an affordable way of making a statement in your house. Interior designers know exactly how to create a beautiful space using this design idea. When brushed with durable and high-gloss paint, wainscoting adds color and texture to interior walls.

Elegant Appearance

Wainscoting primarily uses sculpted wood and other materials to create a traditional-like heritage atmosphere in your indoors. The initially plain living room or master bedroom magically transforms into an overly cozy design layout with classic add-ons.

Homeowners should budget between $7 and $40 per square foot for professional installation. The actual cost of material and labor primarily depends on the material chosen. Common materials include the following:

  • Wallpaper costs approximately $5 per square foot
  • Plastic wainscoting costs between $14 and $19 per square foot. The cost also depends on whether you want a simple trim or full panels.
  • Solid hardwood paneling is the most expensive. The actual price per square foot varies for different projects since lumbar costs fluctuate.

Helps Your Home Stand Out

Once you’ve renovated your interior, all you need for completion is to choose the perfect paint colors, window treatment, and accessories to complete your interior design. While wall colors, lighting fixtures, furniture, and area rugs make your living space appear better, wainscoting makes your accessories and accent pieces stand out.

Plenty of Styles and Materials

Homeowners often experience challenges in choosing the suitable wainscoting material and style. Most homeowners currently prefer simple options, such as craftsman-style trends. Additionally, wainscoting is currently made from nearly all materials, including;

Wallpaper – Modern technologies have led to the development of wallpaper materials that mimic wood paneling. They are a cost-effective option and easy to install. 

Wood – Traditional wainscoting materials are made from wood. These are ideal for homeowners who prefer a stained wood natural grain look. However, wood wainscoting is expensive compared to other materials. 

Plastic – Vinyl, polyurethane, and PVC wainscoting are ideally molded plastic panels to mimic the appearance of wood wainscoting. They are a good choice for homeowners with limited budgets. 


Not all home improvements increase property value. Wainscoting improves the appearance of your home, allowing you to price it relatively higher. While an appraiser won’t quote an extra $5000 simply because your property has wainscoting, wainscoted properties are marketable and easily sell in the market. To maximize salability using wainscoting, ensure that you limit wainscoted areas, hire professional services, and choose matching colors and styles.



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