Dating Rules: Cannabis and First Dates

It is natural to be nervous for a first date. A first date is an opportunity to begin what could be the most important relationship of your life. You must have positive feelings toward your date partner, and you want to be sure to make a good impression that will advance their positive feelings toward you. However, those first-date jitters can get in the way of looking and feeling cool and confident, and if you aren’t careful, your nerves could ruin the experience for everyone involved.

So, wouldn’t it be a good idea to smoke a little weed beforehand?

The rules of dating don’t strictly prohibit cannabis consumption before a date, but it is important to consider your unique circumstances before you light up. Here

How Well Do You Know Your Date?

Unless cannabis is your entire life — like, you own a dispensary or grow op, or you are a columnist for High Times or Merry Jane — it generally isn’t a good idea to establish yourself as a stoner in the midst of a first impression. Though attitudes regarding cannabis consumption are changing, you can’t be sure how anyone will react to news that you use weed on the regular, so it is best to keep that detail in your pocket until you have a better idea of what they will say and do.

However, if you are going on a date with a long-time friend who already knows about your hash habit, you might discuss the option of getting high together beforehand. Even if they choose not to partake, they might not be as surprised if you show up to your date stoned — though they almost certainly won’t be particularly impressed, either.

What Are You Doing on Your Date?

Traditional dates, like the dinner-and-a-movie, might be easier to enjoy if you are high, but they aren’t exactly appropriate settings to be stoned in. The same goes for active dates, like hikes, or dates that involve some kind of event, like cooking classes or museum tours. Generally, you will be expected to participate in conversation and activity, and you will need your wits about you to come off looking cool and romantically valuable.

There are some dates in which getting high is the main event. For example, if you are going stargazing, bringing some kush along to share could be a thoughtful and meaningful gesture. If you are taking your date to your favorite Chicago dispensary, there is no reason not to toke up beforehand. If you can’t go a few hours without weed and you know your date will be up for it, you might propose a date setting in which getting stoned makes sense.

What Do You Expect to Get out of Your Date?

You don’t need to make a good first impression if you don’t care how successful your first date is. Maybe you are being set up on a date by a family member, and you have no interest in pursuing a romantic future with your date partner. Then again, maybe you are only after one thing, and you know your date partner is too. If the date is more of a precursor to a bang hang, your date likely isn’t going to be especially turned off by the smell of weed.

It is important to note that just because you aren’t into a date or have certain expectations about the date’s outcome doesn’t mean your date shares them, or that it is appropriate to be rude or dismissive of your date’s feelings. You might contact your date ahead of time to catch their vibe, to avoid any miscommunication and potential hurt.

Just How Nervous Are You?

Usually, a person considers using pot before a first date in an attempt to gain control over the fluttering butterflies in their tummy. Weed is often touted as a cure for anxiety — but you should recognize that even slightly too much weed will result in a radical increase in paranoia and even an escalation into panic. Far from cutting your first-date jitters, using cannabis could send your thoughts and emotions spiraling, giving your date the impression that you are at best incredibly strange and at worst totally neurotic. In general, it is better to practice calming techniques to get a hold on your nerves before a first date than it is to take any kind of substance.

First dates usually matter. If you are at all uncertain whether you can get away with getting high before a first date, you probably should wait until after the date to partake.




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