Craigslist Dog Crates and Other Pet Supplies You Probably Shouldn’t Buy

I have a question for my fellow pet owners: whenever you need to buy supplies for your pets, specifically dogs, do you order the items online? Or do you go to a local pet store and shop there? Personally I’ve always purchased my pets items through the stores in my neighborhood because I find it easier and quicker that way. However, I do occasionally use Amazon to purchase certain things that I can’t find in stores. If you are one of the individuals who prefers to shop online for specific pet supplies then I have a follow up question. Do you ever use Craigslist to do so?

As somebody who looks through Craigslist once in a while, I know how difficult it can be to find things especially pet supplies. After scrolling through the popular website for some time, I was able to compile a list of some items I found such as Craigslist dog crates, cages, dog houses, pet beds, and I even included something at the end that was a pretty funny find. If you noticed, there’s a bit of a pattern with the items I was searching for, they were all mainly for dogs.

Moving forward, the first item is this “heavy duty” dog crate.

heavy duty dog crate enlarged

A dog crate is basically a cage – with a door – where a dog is kept for transportation or security purposes. Personally, I never purchased crates for the dogs I’ve had in the past because I never found the need for them. However, if you do end up purchasing them at least buy one that doesn’t look like a mini prison. The craigslist dog crate ad shown above does not seem like something any dog would want to be in. It’s very small and this can make dogs feel anxious or cramped etc.

Moving on, the next craigslist dog crate I found was this wooden one.

wooden dog crate enlarged

I mean it’s nice and all but again this crate is very small. In addition to this, the cage is made of wood which isn’t that great if you wanted to take it outdoors. Also, this type of crate isn’t suitable for destructive dogs and is prone to some type of damage.

The next ad I’m going to be showing is this

metal dog crate

I mean really? An engine cover dog house? It’s a little creative I guess but it doesn’t seem safe at all for a dog. Also it isn’t a house, it is basically just what the description says, a cover. I pray that no dog owner would actually purchase this item for their pet.

On a lighter note, I ended up coming across this dog/cat bed.

giant dog pillow

It’s funny because it says that it could be an adult bed.I’m not sure what type of adult would use a large looking pillow as a bed. In addition to this, why was the photo of it taken on a car?

The last ad I’m going to be showing is this

human size hamster wheel

I have no words. I never even knew that such a thing existed. At least they included 50 lbs of shredded newspaper…

These were just some of the craigslist ads I came across specifically catered to pets and such. Craigslist is a very interesting website…




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