How to Come Up With a Blog Name

So you’ve decided to start a blog. Maybe you just have some great talent that you want to share, or maybe you’re even offering up business advice and intent to make this website your brand. Regardless of your reason for starting, when you decide to start a blog, the first and most important thing to do is to come up with an appealing blog name. It needs to be interesting and able to grab someone’s attention but also explain what your blog is about and what people can expect when they go there. This is a tall order, I know, but it’s possible, so stop fretting!

The first thing to keep in mind when you embark on your blogging journey and picking a name is to not limit yourself. Don’t choose a name that will cause a problem for yourself later if you choose to branch out and blog about additional things as well. Rebranding can be expensive and confusing, so it’s best to go for something that isn’t incredibly specific should you choose to change your mind. Now, here are your steps to coming up with a successful and great blog name.

Look Up Competitor’s Blog Names

This can give you a good idea of what works and what doesn’t. If you’re looking to be a travel blog, look into some of those names; if it’s entrepreneurial advice you’re after, check out what they’re doing too. There are blogs for pretty much every niche, so you’ll find some examples.

Brainstorm Some Keywords, Then Get A Thesaurus

Think up some words you might want to use in your blog name, then go to the thesaurus and look up synonyms. You may find a word that’s perfect that hadn’t even crossed your mind this way. This is especially good if you want to use alliteration in your blog name but want a specific meaning with a specific letter that you can’t think of off the top of your head.

Use A Word Generator

These are definitely hit or miss, but occasionally they throw up words and ideas that sound really good that you just haven’t thought of yet. It’s always worth giving it a try.

Consider Using Your Own Name

This is big on lifestyle blogs but can work for pretty much anything. Matt’s Travels, Brad’s Closet, Jeff’s Decorations, and Joe’s Kitchen. You get the idea. Your own name could be your key and give insight into who’s behind the blog.

Be Descriptive And Memorable

The last and most important thing is to make your blog name descriptive and memorable. Don’t make anything too long or complicated (no one will remember it), and try to allude to what you want to talk about. These are some good ways to draw in potential readers straight from the get-go.

Coming up with a blog name is a daunting task, but with some creativity, research, and brainstorming, you’ll be sure to find one that fits your desired niche and work to help you create your brand.



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