Remodeling a Century-Old Home? Don’t Forget the Air Conditioning!

A year ago, my wife and I became that couple. We bought a house that’s nearly 120 years old and decided to remodel it.

I’d be lying if I said I didn’t have visions of it being as easy as one of those home improvement shows on TV make it look. That crews would show up, knock down a couple of walls to “open things up,” give us a new kitchen, and the whole thing would be done in 2.5 days and at a discount.

Not quite. It did take longer (just a bit) and came in just over the budget we’d originally planned.

One of the most frightening things we had to do was install air-conditioning in this century-old house. This meant that we needed to have ductwork run throughout the structure. I was extremely worried about the expense and amount of damage we’d have to do in order to run things properly until we got the team from ActronAir Air Conditioning on site. Would they have to rip open walls and ceilings?

While the work was quite extensive (we’re talking ducts throughout, vents in each room, as well as a control panel and hooking the system up to the outdoor unit), once the team was finished, everything looked great.

It not only looks good; our system is also incredibly energy-efficient. ActronAir worked with us to choose the perfect air conditioning for our new home – one that’s powerful enough to cool things down quickly, but that doesn’t waste electricity and money.

In addition to all of this, we’re able to use ActronConnect Wireless controls to operate our air conditioning system from a tablet or smartphone. This really helps us keep things comfortable for our little dog when we’re not at home.

Between the overall updates, the new air conditioning system, and the wireless controls, we’re happy that we’ve managed to bring our home into the 21st century while still maintaining its antique charm.



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