Can Vegans Eat CBD Gummies?

CBD gummies are considered one of the most convenient cannabidiol consumption methods. If you don’t like authentic CBD oil’s bitter, earthy taste or the product’s texture, you can reward your taste buds with a sweet, fruity, and delicious treat. 

While CBD gummies don’t take effect as quickly as oils or vape products, users claim they feel the benefits for several hours. After using a gummy, make sure you wait up to two hours before contemplating eating another one, as this is how long it can take to feel the effects.

 Finding vegan-friendly edibles was challenging in the early stages of the great CBD market hype. These days, however, top-rated brands such as Premium Jane sell 750mg CBD gummies suitable for vegans. This article investigates veganism, why there were issues creating vegan CBD gummies, and what has changed to facilitate the needs of vegans.

What is Veganism?

Before we look at the challenges facing vegans regarding CBD gummies, let’s quickly investigate what veganism is. In summation, veganism is a lifestyle that avoids consuming and/or using all animal foods, animal-derived products, and products tested on animals.

The number of vegans in the United States has recently grown exponentially. The percentage of Americans who identify as vegan ranges significantly depending on the data source. According to Statista, 2% of the population follows a vegan diet. However, Ipsos Retail Performance used Google search data to determine the level of interest in veganism and claims that almost 10 million Americans now follow a plant-based lifestyle.

Another survey claims that 0.5% of the U.S. population is vegan! Regardless of the true figure, there’s no doubt that veganism is becoming more widespread. Food and beverage companies know this and have adapted accordingly.

Initial CBD Gummies Were NOT Vegan-Friendly

For a long time, most CBD companies used gelatin as a key ingredient in their gummies. Gelatin is a protein created by boiling ligaments/bones, tendons, and skin, with the ingredients typically obtained from pigs or cows. It remains cheaper for companies to use gelatin in their products, so make sure you carefully check the ingredients before making a purchase.

Now, Vegan CBD Gummies Are Everywhere!

We’re now at a point where you can read about the top 10 or even the top 20 brands offering vegan CBD gummies! These days, a growing number of brands substitute animal products in gummies. For instance, they may use pectin, plant-based gelatin, instead of regular gelatin. Other possibilities include carrageenan or agar. 

Some CBD gummies contain honey as a sweetener. Besides regular sugar, healthier ingredients include organic cane sugar, tapioca syrup, stevia, or agave.

Proponents of vegan CBD gummies claim that you benefit from a purer form of the cannabinoid due to the limited number of ingredients. We have seen plenty of products with over a dozen ingredients, and not all of them are necessarily healthy! In contrast, Premium Jane has a reduced ingredient list that includes pectin in its vegan CBD gummies, natural colors and flavors, cane sugar, and CBD isolate.

When eating a CBD gummy, take note of the texture. A gelatin gummy will likely have a firmer texture than a vegan one.

Choose Vegan CBD Gummies for Easy Dosing

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When you use CBD oil, you must place a certain number of drops beneath your tongue and hold it there for up to 60 seconds. While sublingual consumption offers a higher absorption rate than oral administration, only a certain percentage of CBD gets into your bloodstream via the sublingual gland. Furthermore, the process requires carefully measuring how much oil is in the dropper, followed by calculating how much CBD you’re consuming.

In contrast, CBD gummies are the ultimate in ‘set and forget’ dosing. When you choose Premium Jane’s vegan CBD gummies, for example, you know there is 25mg of the cannabinoid in each one. If you have any doubt, check the brand’s updated certificates of analysis (COAs). You can take a gummy in the morning as part of your daily routine and forget about needing to use CBD for the rest of the day.

So, the answer to the title question is “yes.” Vegans CAN eat CBD gummies and now have an impressive number of choices. When choosing a brand, carefully check the ingredients before making a purchase. Don’t just take their word for it!



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