What Is EDC? A Beginner’s Guide to Everyday Carry

Before leaving home, check if you have taken your phone and wallet. These are the most common essentials you need while outside, but the list doesn’t end there. People often keep old receipts in their pockets but don’t carry valuable items that could come in handy. That’s where the everyday carry method comes into play. Keep reading to learn about EDC basics, benefits, and essentials!

What Does EDC Stand for?

The abbreviation EDC stands for everyday carry. It’s a philosophy where you carefully analyze the items to take when leaving the house. The approach serves to help you be prepared for various situations life might serve. Your EDC pack should focus on preparedness and functionality, and each item should have at least a single use.

Benefits of EDC

Why would you adopt the EDC philosophy? The main advantages include:

  • Be ready for different tasks and challenges. If the power goes out and there aren’t smartphones available, your flashlight will seem like a godsend. And don’t underestimate quick problem solvers like borrowing a knife from a coworker to open a box.
  • Keep your pockets and backpack organized. EDC is about the items to take and leave home. If you use the EDC approach each time before you leave the house, you’ll optimize the contents of your pockets and backpack.
  • Be independent. It could be unpleasant to ask friends for things frequently. EDC will help you be ready and encourage independence.
  • Save time and money. Efficient problem-solving is the EDC’s foundation. Apart from time, you could also save money. If no one has the needed item, you’ll have to buy it, which is an unnecessary expense.
  • Express your style. The modern era ensures you can express personality and style with EDC items. A beautiful watch, a stylish wallet, and an attractive backpack are ways to boost your EDC’s appearance.

EDC Essentials

Everyday carry isn’t about loading your backpack with items you have little chance of using. Instead, it’s an intelligent selection of essentials with high functionality. EDC items could prove helpful but also critical and life-saving in some situations. Here’s what the everyday carry experts recommend to take with you when heading outside!

Cell Phone

Most people consider a smartphone essential. The impressive function range that this gadget could perform makes it an EDC priority. It provides time and weather information, comes with a camera to take photos, and has a flashlight. You can even pay with mobile apps in some locations.

Smartphones come with two problems. The first is it can’t do anything without a battery. And the second is there isn’t an app for everything, such as unlocking doors or cutting through things.

RFID Wallet

Wallets are a convenient way to keep our money and cards organized. Besides ensuring enough compartments, consider a unit with an RFID blocking function. RFID wallets for men block thieves from accessing your credit card information. While being a fashionable accessory that adds elegance to your gear, it’s also critical protection against financial and identity thefts.


We aren’t talking about huge kitchen knives but a convenient pocket variation. A pocket knife is a useful tool for any cutting requirements. If scissors, keys, or teeth can’t help, a pocket knife will handle the slicing. And don’t underestimate the self-defense element. Nobody wants to be in problematic situations, but pocket knives could be life savers if you find yourself there.


A keychain is an integral EDC component because it keeps your keys organized. Imagine having a single key for your house and car. You might not even notice them falling out of your pocket. A key chain is bulkier and more difficult to lose. Another benefit is you’ll have all keys in a single place. It eliminates the risk of forgetting any piece from the set when heading outside.


It might seem redundant to carry a flashlight if you have a smartphone. But imagine this – you are outside the entire day, and the phone’s battery dies. A power outage occurs, but the flashlight is there to help. Flashlights won’t take much room in a backpack, and they are handy. And they perform better than smartphone flashlights, offering more modes and long-lasting batteries.


Multitools are pocket items of impressive versatility. You’ve undoubtedly heard of a Swiss Army knife, which is essentially a multitool. The actual functions are up to you, but some units pack over 30 options in a single unit. Your set could include a knife, bottle opener, screwdriver, scissors, pliers, etc.

Power Bank

In today’s modern world, a portable charger can be helpful. If you are heading on a long road, power banks could help keep your phone charged. It provides peace of mind to use your phone without limitations, knowing you always have an option to charge it.


A watch is a stylish accessory that contributes to your appearance. Today, you can choose from modern smartwatches with advanced functions. From answering your phone to tracking physical activity, it’s a multi-functional device. And if you prefer classic watches, they are a surefire way of adding elegance to your style!



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