What You Need for a Minimalist Luxury EDC

Your everyday carry (EDC) consists of the essential items you need with you in everyday life. Some careers require men to maintain bulky and expansive EDCs, which might include items like laptops or suitcases of clothing and toiletries. However, most men can successfully move through their day with just a handful of essentials — so why not make sure those essentials are as luxurious as they can be?

If you are interested in minimizing your EDC while improving its quality and esteem, you might consider acquiring any of the following deluxe EDC items:

Smartphone Case

Your smartphone is a sophisticated piece of technology that you need to keep safe from catastrophic damage as well as daily wear and tear. Though today’s smartphones are much stronger than their predecessors — capable of surviving small drops and a little moisture — you probably should not try to push yours to its limits. A high-quality smartphone case will cushion your device during falls and shield it against scratches. Your case does not need to be flashy; this simple leather case from Tom Ford is chic and effective.

Small Notebook and Pen

Not everyone likes to take notes on digital devices. Sometimes, it is faster and easier to jot down your thoughts the old-fashioned way, in a notebook filled with paper using a pen filled with ink. Fortunately, you can integrate your notebook and pen into your EDC by searching for field notebooks, which are notoriously small, slim and lightweight. You might experiment with different field notebook brands to find one you like the feel of.

Slim Wallet

Even if you utilize digital wallets stored on your smartphone, you need to have a traditional payment method on hand to help you navigate the world. A slim wallet should slip easily into a pocket, organizing a payment card or two and a small amount of cash. You can use a high-quality money clip made from titanium or other durable metals, or you can invest in a high-luxury card wallet from a designer like Goyard. Of course, you could reduce your EDC even further by combining your smartphone case and your wallet into one. Alternatively, you can find notebook covers that include a space to keep your cash and cards.

Water Bottle

Water is essential for life. Not only must you drink at least 3 liters of water per day, but you should spread that out into a few cups of water every hour to ensure your body’s systems remain properly hydrated. To prevent dehydration, you should carry a water bottle with you throughout your day. Generally, you want a water bottle that is durable but plastic-free; stainless steel is an excellent water bottle material, but glass covered in silicone works well, too. Many EDC-ers are particularly enamored with the LARQ self-cleaning water bottle, which uses UV tech to sterilize and purify the water you drink.

Stylish Watch

Wearing a watch will improve your time management — but the right watch does way more than tell you the time. Watches come in all shapes and sizes, with all manner of features that you might need to keep you organized and effective in various pursuits. Many EDC-ers own several different watches, which they switch amongst depending on their daily schedules. As long as you invest in authentic watches, you should be satisfied by their quality and longevity in your EDC.


Some beginner EDC-ers skip this essential item, believing that they don’t have any viable application for a knife in their regular day. Yet, a pocketknife is a simple survival tool. Because you cannot be certain when catastrophe will strike, you should always be equipped for the worst with a small and adaptable tool like a knife. Not all pocketknives are the Swiss Army variety; you don’t necessarily need a multitool in your pocket. However, something small, well-shaped and reliably sharp will serve you well.

Your EDC should be unique, fitting your own needs, wants and likes. If you prefer to carry items that are of the highest quality and that demand reverence with their prestigious name brands, you can find plenty of EDC products to fill your pockets and improve your pride.



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