Can Cannabis Improve Your Workout?

Most people consume cannabis to chill out, but you can also use it to work out. The same soothing effects that help you relax and unwind may also benefit you while exercising. 

Providing relief that supports recovery and improving your mind-body connection, cannabis has the potential to elevate your workout. Learn more about the advantages and disadvantages of using cannabis while exercising below!

Can you use cannabis while exercising?

Yes, you can use cannabis products while exercising. In fact, cannabis products may even improve your exercise routine through numerous wellness benefits. 

Cannabis products can help you prepare your body for your workout, providing experience enhancement while you’re exercising, and promoting recovery post-work-out. CBD products have soothing effects while THC products are intoxicating and psychoactive. 

Can you use THC products while exercising? 

If you use THC products like Delta-9 gummies or vapes before exercising, it’s important to be careful. Although they can elevate your enjoyment by elevating your mind-body connection, they can also impair your coordination, balance, and reaction time, increasing the likelihood of accidents or injuries. It’s especially crucial to be careful if you enjoy THC products while playing sports or dealing with heavy exercise equipment.

Benefits of Cannabis for Exercise

THC and CBD both interact with the endocannabinoid system, which helps regulate functions like pain and inflammation. Research suggests that through this interaction, cannabis can relieve such symptoms, making it easier to recover after a workout and enabling you to have more consistent training sessions.

Many cannabis users say that they feel more in touch with their bodies after consuming cannabis, either because their sensitivity is increased or because their stress levels are lowered which will help them to focus. Increased sensitivity is especially great for exercises like yoga and stretching.

Cannabis can also help you sleep, which is important in recovering from workouts. Restful sleep fosters muscle recovery and well-being, so you wake up feeling ready to exercise again. Many studies have indicated the potential of CBD as a sleep aid that helps you sleep better and longer.

Best Cannabis Products for Exercising

Among the best cannabis products for exercising are CBD topicals, like creams and rollers, which can provide targeted relief that soothes muscles and joints. You can apply a topical before or after you exercise to relieve soreness and help you recover.

When consumed responsibly and in appropriate dosages, THC edibles can provide a more systemic effect, soothing the mind and body and making the workout more enjoyable. They also give you the benefit of cannabis without requiring you to smoke before you work out — which can leave your throat raw, a problem exacerbated by heavy physical exertion.

Improve Your Workout With Cannabis

Further research is needed to fully understand the relationship between cannabis and exercise. However, right now enough is known to make the benefits of cannabis for exercising worth exploring if you want to optimize your workouts and more efficiently achieve your fitness goals. Try combining cannabis and exercise to elevate your workout today!



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