Build Your Online Brand: 8 Reasons Your Business Needs a Website

Studies show that over 90% of customers read reviews before making a purchase decision. Over 80% of potential customers trust those reviews as much as a personal recommendation. A functional, dynamic website is necessary for the current online business environment. Here are the top reasons you need to create a dynamic website.

Validate Your Company

Anyone can build a brand presence on social media. They can sell their products using those same social media outlets. A business that takes the time to establish its website address and apply for its domain registration gives credibility to your business. Customers better respond to companies with social media accounts and a website.

Compete With Large Companies

Large companies spend a lot of money to support their online presence. They have a professional social relations team that manages their marketing message. Use an online name generator, like, to create a name that reflects your product offering.

Build Customer Relationships

Lead nurturing involves building relationships with customers from their initial purchase into the lifetime of your product. An ideal lead nurturing campaign helps customers perceive your company as an industry expert and trusted provider.

Increase Sales

Drive additional organic traffic to your website with a comprehensive Search Engine Optimization Strategy that includes an effective website name. As your website exposure grows, your geographic reach expands. Local businesses attract new customers with little overhead.

Share Your Core Values

Customers look for businesses that give back to their community. Your website allows you to show your support for a not-for-profit organization that you endorse. There are many ways you can use your website to show your support for these agencies:

  • Share photos of you and your team working on a project.
  • Promote a customized item and donate proceeds to the organization.
  • Allow customers to “round up” their purchases to benefit the not-for-profit agency.
  • Use and build a secondary website around your company’s humanitarian efforts.

Generate Leads

Your website can be a successful lead generator. Offer customers free whitepapers, e-books, or demonstration videos, and capture contact information. Then, filter these leads into the sales funnel. Have a planned email campaign dedicated to educating customers. Don’t overwhelm them with emails. Customers are too busy to deal with spam, and they will ignore your messages.

Update Customers

Your website provides a great resource to promote upcoming releases of your products. You can develop a pre-launch campaign before the release date to encourage customers to return to your site. These campaigns generate interest in your product or service, increase enthusiasm, and drive sales to your company.

Support Customers

No website would be complete without providing customer support. Customers need to know they can come to you first with a question. At the minimum, provide a telephone number, email address, or live chat monitored by your support team. Consider creating a searchable database with PDF documents and videos beneficial to customers.

Creating a website that shares your company mission and values helps customers to know and trust your brand. This trust leads to increased sales and more growth opportunities.



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