Breakups: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

Breakups are a part of life. While some manage to pull off a fairy tale ending with their first relationships, everyone else has to deal with the eventual breakups. That is just how it goes, an issue comes up that simply cannot be resolved. Relationships come and go. For most, it may take them a few good and bad ones before finding the right fit.

People have their own ways of dealing with breakups. It does not matter whether it is a man or a woman; everyone has their own unique way to soothe their emotions.

The Good Route

While everyone has their own way to cope, some methods are better than others. Some make the person feel worse instead of better. Knowing the good (and bad) ways to deal with breakups is the first step to recovery. That way, you can move on towards the next chapter without any regrets, worries, or disappointments.

One of the best advice for a person after a breakup is to enjoy single living. Those who have been in relationships for long periods may feel codependent.They feel as if their entire identity revolved around being with their partner. Basic tasks such as shopping, cooking, or even cleaning may feel like a burden. Learning to enjoy single living is key. Knowing that your entire world does not revolve around being ‘in’ a relationship is a great start to recovery.

Breakups are often noticeable because of the gaping hole in your daily routine. Filling these gaps with healthy solutions can help a lot. You can always try a new hobby, socialize with friends, or spend time to yourself. It is never a bad idea to invest in things outside of relationships, as it can help ease recovery after a breakup.

The Bad Route

There is more than one ‘bad’ way to deal with breakups. However, they all focus on the same thing – replacement. People tend to do a quick patch job, replace their old relationship with a new one as soon as possible. Other times, they focus on other things to ‘replace’ the romance, such as an overindulgence with food, alcohol, or even drugs.

The most common ‘bad’ way is by jumping into another relationship without any of the previous affection and commitment. These are rebounds and are often there simply to act as the Band-Aid of the previous relationship. Whether it is emotional, sexual, or as simple as not ‘wanting to be alone’, rebound relationships never last. They are only there to fill the gap of the previous romance. People, especially those who have had long relationships, often feel like a part of them is missing after a breakup. They try to replicate this ‘missing ingredient’ by substituting someone else into the equation.

This article can shed some further light into the subject. Ask yourself these questions when trying to determine if you are in a rebound. How long has it been since the breakup? Are you really in a healthy relationship? Or is it something superficial? Is this a long-term commitment or are you simply going through the motions?



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