Bittboy: Gameboy but Better – 300 Games (Full List)

Gameboy has been part of the childhood of many. It is compact, easy to play, and most of all, fun. There is probably no single person out there who did not want to catch Pikachu and all of his friends. After all, the Gameboy is the first device that allowed us to play Pokémon, among many other games.

Just when we were thinking that all of those games were mere figments of the past, Bittboy comes in. It’s very similar to the original Gameboy, but a lot better. It is compact and pocket sized, cheap, and – most importantly – has 300 games, which we’ll list at the end of this article in our full Bittboy games list. That’s a whole lot of games to fit in your pocket; far more than the original system could hold.

What are the Bittboy Specs?

You may now be wondering what the Bittboy looks like. As what you might have also anticipated, the Bittboy looks like a smaller Gameboy. The arrow, A and B, select, and start buttons are all present and positioned as to where they should be. You may also choose from various colors.

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The power switch is located top of the device, while the volume is somewhere on the side. There are two ports at the bottom: one is for the TV and the other is for charging. You can use a mini USB input to charge the Bittboy. We are guessing that the TV output has caught your attention, and you did read it right. However, you may want to use another cable as the one provided with the device is a bit short and unstable.

What’s the catch?

The Bittboy sells at $39.99. Although it advertises as 300 games, some games are duplicates of the others. By duplicates, we meant sequels. There are five Kontra games and six Mario games. Thinking about it, that’s not really that bad and 300 games for 40 bucks is not a bad deal.

bittboy list of games on desktop
Bittboy is compact, but comes packed with a list of over 100 games.

Some issues regarding the bass were also reported, but does not really heavily affect the game play. There may just be some missing bass while playing Mario, but overall it still works fine.

For your anticipation, we’ve put together a list of Bittboy’s first 100 games:

Bittboy Games List

  1. Hot Wrestle
  2. Hot Story
  3. Hot High School
  4. Hot March
  5. Super Mario Bros
  6. Super Mario Bros 3
  7. PocketMonster
  8. Contra 24 in 1
  9. Super Contra
  10. Contra Force
  11. Double Dragon
  12. Double Dragon 2
  13. Double Dragon 3
  14. Double Dragon 4
  15. Chip Dale 1
  16. Chip Dale 2
  17. Chip Dale 3
  18. Robocop
  19. Robocop 2
  20. Mission Impossible
  21. Robocop 4
  22. Mouse Snare
  23. Tiny Toon 2
  24. Tiny Toon 3
  25. Caveman Ninja
  26. Ninja Gaiden 2
  27. Ninja Gaiden 3
  28. Adventure Island 1
  29. Adventure Island 2
  30. Adventure Island 3
  31. Adventure Island 4
  32. Turtle 1
  33. Turtle Fighter
  34. 8 Eyes
  35. Ring King
  36. Battle Formula
  37. Rad Racerz
  38. Whomp Em
  39. Cliffhanger
  40. Super Sprint
  41. Angry Bird 2
  42. Cyberball
  43. Super Contra 7
  44. Super Contra 8
  45. Kage
  46. Finalmission
  47. Street Fighter 20
  48. Kick Master
  49. Mighty Final Fight
  50. Street Fighter V
  51. Mortal Kombat IV
  52. Astyanax
  53. Mitsume Ga Tooru
  54. Snow Bros
  55. Spider Man
  56. Batman
  57. Kyuukyoku Tiger
  58. Power Rangers 2
  59. Gulfwar
  60. Bubble Bobble Par
  61. Darkwing Duck
  62. Fantasy Zone
  63. Arabian
  64. Guerilla War
  65. Dead Fox
  66. Power Blade
  67. Zippy Race
  68. Lunar Ball
  69. Galaxian
  70. Mahjong
  71. Tetris 2
  72. Naitou 9 Dan Shou
  73. Tank A 1990
  74. F1 Race
  75. Chinese Chess
  76. Soccer
  77. Lode Runner
  78. Circus Charlie
  79. Macross
  80. Firen Ice
  81. Excitebike
  82. Mach Rider
  83. Arkanoid
  84. The Legend of Kag
  85. DR Mario
  86. Tennis
  87. Star Force
  88. 1942
  89. Pinball
  90. Sky Destroyer
  91. Popeye
  92. Mighty Bomb Jack
  93. Road Fighter
  94. Muscle
  95. Galaga
  96. Aladdin 3
  97. Ice Climber
  98. Bomber Man
  99. Mappy
  100. Pipe Dream

What about you? What are your favorite games? Leave a comment below and let me know! There are so many games, that I’m not even close to trying all of them.




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