Best Trucking Companies for Drivers in the USA

There are countless transportation and logistics companies, and how do you know that you pick the right one? On this site, the experts in truck dispatching made a list of firms to pay attention to. The highest paying trucking companies are presented and briefly described.


Sysco, Inc. is a large international distributor of foods, kitchen supplies, and restaurant devices. According to statistics, their truck drivers earn more than in any other firm. Salary per hour equals $41,97, and annual salary goes up to $87,000. Sysco cares about its truckers and offers daily routes, so most steersmen can sleep at home. 


FedEx (Federal Express) has been a well-known transporting company since 1971. FedEx drivers earn from $40,000 to $80,000 per year. In 2012, it entered the Fortune 1000-top list of successful businesses. The range is so large because this trucking company offers an ability to choose the personal working pace.

Walmart Trucking

You know Walmart as a famous distributor of goods. Their trucking service is worth mentioning too. Drivers here earn $41,35 hourly and $86,000 yearly. Now their goal is to raise the salary to $90,000 per year.

Walmart covers CDL training, offers driving bonuses and 401(k) future-securing plans. Of course, to work for them, you must have trucking experience already.

Logity Dispatch

This truck dispatching company helps drivers to work effectively. They dispatch both independent and hired operators. Dispatching help is incredibly important for drivers, it helps with tasks like:

  • managing the document flow;
  • building better routes;
  • time-management;
  • searching new orders (for independent operators).

As you see, dispatchers are necessary for effective and safe logistics. Check their variable offers to find ones that fit your needs.

To find out more responsible trucking companies, search for truck dispatching vacancies here. There is plenty of driving job offers where your working conditions, salary, and career development background are protected.



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