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  2. Are android TVs different from Smart TV
  3. Best Smart TVs with Google Assistant
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Google has finally released its Assistant feature in more devices than just Google’s Pixel phones. If you are in search of Smart TVs with this voice control feature, you don’t have to wait any longer because the feature is finally here! 

Benefits of having Google Assistant on Smart TV

  • Set reminders

Just by pressing and holding the Mic or Google Assistant button on the TV remote, you can set reminders on your TV. As a result, you will be alerted of any deadline, which will make sure that you don’t miss on important stuff while you were busy watching TV. Other than that, you can also use the Assistant to set alarms for you.

  • Playing music

In case you want to find a particular song but can’t seem to be successful with your manual search, you can let you Assistant find it for you. Just ask Google to find the song by either saying out loud its title, artist or some of the lyrics. Plus, if you have apps like Spotify and want to play from a playlist, the Assistant can do that too!

  • Playing movies

Forgot where you left the movie last night? Just ask Google to start continue the movie and it will play right from where you started. This will save a lot of time and energy, especially if you are just in a mood for chilling and don’t want much hassle.

  • While working out

Going hands free while using any device is a huge benefit. A voice search assistant like Google Assistant can help you do so. This can be very handy at times when you are working out; you will not have to play music on your headphones or your phone and run out of battery, instead the Assistant can play music for you while your work out uninterrupted. 

Are Android TVs different from Smart TV?

You will see many brands categorizing their TVs as Smart or as Android TVs. There is a small distinction between the two that you must be aware of. All new entertainment technology now hugely depends on an internet connection. Similarly, if you are able to use your new TV set by connecting it with the best cheap internet, then yes, you have a smart TV. These TVs are classified as devices that can stream or present any type of digital content via the internet. By this definition, Android TVs also qualify as Smart TVs because they even use internet connectivity to load various apps and digital content.

The main difference is the operating system. Android TVs run on Android OS, and have the same interface or features like our android phones. These features include a Google Play Store for downloading apps and so on. These TVs have a much wider range of supported apps than Smart TVs. Android TVs also sync with your phone devices, and you can use them to mirror your laptop or phone through built-in Chromecast.

On the other hand, regular Smart TVs are more about just Wi-Fi connectivity. Different manufacturers install different app stores on the TV, so you can download apps from there. However, advanced Smart TVs also have features very similar to Android TV such as voice search and high-res displays.  

Other than Android and Smart TVs, there are plain, non-smart, non-android TVs that can be run with streaming devices bought separately. You can use Chromecast, Amazon Fire Stick, or even Roku’s streaming devices with plain TVs, so you can get entertained with all the updated digital content. 

Best Smart TVs with Google Assistant


Most of the models that you will find Google Assistant with are premium or recently released models, which is why you might need to make your pockets a little more flexible if you are looking for this feature. Sony Bravia A90J is one of the few premium models that might be worthy of your money. It features an OLED display that is extremely bright and crisp. The color display is extremely powerful and is rated as one of the best in a long time. It doesn’t only stand out for its display quality, but it is one of the best screens for gaming purposes. The screen size is 55inches, which is ideal for any medium to large sized room.

In terms of Google Assistant, the TV has the latest far field system, allowing better sound reception and more efficient performance. The audio quality is also top-tier, featuring XR audio technology. Its slim and stylish design will make it the best pick for anyone!

Samsung 2020 QLED Range

Samsung’s QLED range has a bunch of TV models that have Google Assistant pre-installed in them. The 2020 range in particular has some fantastic options to offer you. Since Samsung as a brand is all about future proof tech, 2020 QLED range is packed with various 8K models that can actually take your streaming experience up a notch. However, 4K is already not widespread enough and some people are just going to be fine with 4k and not willing to pay more for 8k. The QLED range also has most of the TVs in large sizes, but you can also find 43 inch models such as the Samsung Q60T. Samsung’s The Frame model is also compatible with Google Assistant. 

LG GX 65 inch Class with Gallery Design 4K Smart OLED

LG is well known for its OLED TV screens that promise an enhanced viewing experience. Since Samsung’s 2020 QLED range does not have any 4K options, you can check out LG GX Smart OLED model with its 4K res. Even though this TV is not Android, it is a Smart TV with all necessary and extra features you might be looking for. It has AI-driven processors that run exceptional quality 4k images. Its audio system is made up of Dolby Vision IQ and Dolby Atmos technology, along with OLED Motion technology that minimizes blur and stutters. 

Bottom line

Summing it up, it seems like having a hands-free voice control feature like Google Assistant in your Android or Smart TV is becoming an increasingly important feature. It can simplify so many tasks and can be a great way to enhance your overall streaming experience. Don’t forget to subscribe yourself with an affordable home internet from buytvinternetphone, so you can stream digital content and enjoy 4K resolutions without any disturbances.




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