The Best Games for An All-Day Session

With the advent of the ultra-portable Nintendo Switch as well as the booming market for mobile gaming – game developers are trying their best to make gaming as accessible as ever. Through short, sharp bursts – the gaming world is becoming more focused on the micro than the macro. There are even many microtransactions that allow you to pay for progress. Gaming is becoming a lot more focused on the short term.

For the bus, travel and working life – that’s amazing. We can grab the controller, play through a game of baseball and save our progress before returning to the game when the kids are in bed. Those of us who are super busy can now find the time to play games and not just any game, the games we love to play are becoming more adapted to the needs of a busy life.

But do you know when gaming is at its best? It’s when you can sit back, grab the controller and play all day. Seriously. There’s nothing more relaxing (or sometime more intense) than bombing through a game in a day. In fact, there are plenty of games with exciting and open worlds that need a whole day so that you can get started!

Before we head into a list of the best games to play all day, it’s worth mentioning a few things. You’re going to need comfort. Firstly, in your seating. A good gaming chair is a great idea and if you don’t know where to get started with gaming chairs, check out this gaming chair buying guide for a bit of assistance. You’re also going to want to take a break. Each hour, go outside and get some fresh air for about half an hour. The game can wait – you’ve got all day! You’re also going to want to get some good food – try to stay healthy though and get some celery sticks down you in between the nacho feasts!

So, where do we get started?


The best game bar-none for an all day session is The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. This game sees you become a reluctant hero, who is actually a legendary dragonslayer. As the region of Skyrim becomes plagued by Dragons, it is up to you to help slay them and restore order to the area as the end of days lurks on the horizon. It’s not just that though – if you want to be a sneaky thief or a lumbering warrior, you can! TESV’s experience systems allows you to develop the character that you enjoy the most. If you fancy doing it all, you can. In fact, if you’d rather sit around all day blacksmithing weapons and selling them to own a home, you can. It’s an absolutely majestic game and will absorb your day right up.

Football Manager

If you like sports or deep experiences, there might be no deeper game than Football Manager. Choose your team, your players and your tactics and respond to each game situation as you try to lead your chosen team to glory. With intense challenges such as leading Parma back to Serie A, or easy experiences such as winning with Manchester United – this game allows you to create your own soccer universe! Careful though, you might give your life up to this game.

Dark Souls 3

If you want a more intense experience, Dark Souls 3 will take your time up. While not as liberating as Skyrim, Dark Souls is an intensive action experience that won’t just rely on your reflexes, it will ask you to become a smart game player as you bow to the demands of this difficult game. With each boss fight bringing incredible challenges, you’ll truly need to be on your toes. This game won’t hold your hand and it won’t tell you the story – you’ll have to earn it. Dark Souls 3 is a rewarding experience, but if you’re done with it already, try Bloodborne.

MLB The Show

Not everyone is into baseball, but everyone should love this game. MLB The Show is probably the best sports game going right now. It’s a truly dedicated baseball sim that not only allows you to take a team to the top, you can also play through the career of your own player! Fancy being a bullet throwing closing pitcher? Or a lardy ball crushing first baseman? You have that opportunity with MLB The Show.

Grand Theft Auto V

It is sweary, it is violent and it might be a bit much on occasion, but there is no better and more realistic world than Los Santos in GTAV. The story mode is crazy and it is intense, but chilling out and enjoying the various activities on offer in this world is mindblowing. Golf, skydiving, racing, hunting and tennis can be enjoyed and if you need to get out – get out in style by driving fast cars and indulging in heists.

Rocket League

Soccer with cars? What? Yeah – and it works. With five minute bursts of intense online play, Rocket League is an extremely addictive game – especially when your playtime is rewarded with cool and creative customization options for your cars! You might find yourself playing one more game as you try to fight your way up the rankings.


Destiny is a fantastic world – well, it wasn’t when it started out – but now you’ve got the benefit of hindsight and a cheap collector’s edition! If you can get a couple of friends online, you can enjoy one of the best shooting games of recent years as you planet hop to unravel the mystery at the heart of the game – all the while collecting some amazing gear.

Fallout 4

Made by the team behind Skyrim, Fallout is an adventure through a post-apocalyptic wasteland. If you love open world games, you’ll love all that Fallout has to offer. It’s the same as Skyrim, except this open world game will see you try to establish order in the region as you search for your son.




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  1. Great list of games!

    My go to game when I decide to take a day off is Rocket League. Especially when I play ranked, it gets so addictive, I just want to win games and go higher in the rankings. Don’t get me wrong I have fun playing, but when I win and climb the rankings, it’s even more fun.

    When I just want to relax and turn my brain off, I play Skyrim. What I mean by that is I don’t need to communicate and do strategies like Rocket League.

    Once again great list of games!


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