Bear Mountain Pellets – From Barrel to Barbecue

What are BBQ pellets?

BBQ pellets (or wood pellets) are the fuel source of pellet grills and smokers, made from only wood. Once your coals are completely covered in white ash and to a hot, even temperature, it’s time to add some BBQ pellets on top, creating a thin layer. Once the pellets ignite and start smoking, you are ready to start cooking your meat.

Free from fillers or binders, the choice hardwoods of Bear Mountain’s BBQ pellets create rich, smoky flavors to spice up any BBQ meal. These premium all-natural wood Bear Mountain pellets deliver you a perfect and clean smoke, and pair well with anything you’ve got cooking on the grill.

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Consistency of flavor

Using 100% hardwoods is the key to a great blended product which is exactly what Bear Mountain provides. Other products may use cheap fillers such as poplar and oils to create flavor, and this is something you’ll want to avoid because they lead to inconsistent and poorly flavored food.

Different types of wood have different densities, burn at different rates, and can produce different amounts of smoke, heat and ash. Let’s take cherry for instance – it burns a lot faster than hickory. Therefore if you were to use 100% cherry, you’d end up burning through a lot more pellets – and a lot faster, mind you – than if you were to use 100% hickory.

On the other hand, it’s great to use an oak or alder base for consistent pellet performance in your grill. Oak allows each and every flavor to burn at a similar rate, moreover with a similar heat output which provides consistency between all cooks alike.

History of Bear Mountain pellets

Bear Mountain BBQ was established in the Pacific Northwest in 1990, and is owned and operated by the largest residential wood fuel pellet manufacturer in the country. The combination of choice hardwoods, the culinary desire for tasty mouth-watering barbecue flavor, paired with Bear Mountain’s deep wood pellet roots altogether, and you’ve got a deep rich flavor that you’ve never before experienced. A truly unforgettable adventure from the masters of the craft.

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The wood pellet industry pioneers have a huge commitment to the environment, as well as quality of their product. Their 100% sustainable BBQ wood pellets are crafted from locally sourced sawdust across the United States. Hardwoods are hand selected for flavor which affirms the natural production of an industry-standard-exceeding range of BBQ and smoking woods.

Bear Mountain pellets are structured with only 5% moisture. Meaning that their pellets produce the perfect burning sensation, for a mouthwatering flavor with little ash to be cleaned up. Optimal flavors have been crafted from all natural wood, without the use of anything artificial, straight from the blends. You can expect a perfect, clean smoke, every time. Bear Mountain pellets don’t use any kind of fillers, binders, or bark, so you’re getting a completely premium service here, with an even better meal on your grill.



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