The Best Drinking Accessories: Ice Luges

If you’ve never been drunk enough to spend a few hours contemplating how to build a magical machine that will cool and deliver booze directly to your mouth, you should probably keep trying.

Ice Luge for alcohol in the shape of a naked woman
Yeah, you're going to have put your lips on that.

If you have, you probably know that despite the ridiculous amount of gears, pulleys, small animals and freeze rays you’ve worked into your design, it just isn’t going to work.

Luckily for your crushed spirit of whimsy, these fantastical devices do exist, and they’re called Ice Luges. You see them in movies and on TV, or maybe you’ve even been to a wedding where rum rains down upon you like the blessings bestowed upon that awesome couple for springing for an open bar. However, if you really want to have a party at home, you have to pay someone to carve you one of these magnificent alcohol delivery systems out of ice into a swan or a race car or maybe even a giant bust of yourself; this is expensive, and drastically effects the amount of booze you can buy to actually use on the damn thing. Unfinished Man figures that every guy should be able to fling ice cold liquids into his friends’ faces whenever he so pleases, so we’ve found a few reusable Luges you can make at home, whenever the need strikes you.

The Best Drinking Accessories: Beer Pong Edition

There’s only one thing that I love as much as answering your questions with amazingly radical advice, and that’s drinking. If you also enjoy drinking more than hockey, roughly the same as eating bacon, and slightly less than a gorgeous girl fixing a classic hot rod, we put this list together with care and attention just for you! You probably also love Beer Pong- drinking game of champions, and drunks who think they are champions because they somehow got their underpants over their heads. Around our house, we break out the UV reactive paint and play under the black light for the honor of a busted up equestrian trophy. As awesome as stumbling around in the dark is, trying to keep your shit together while everything glows like it’s radioactive, I couldn’t shake the feeling that there was something more out there… Choose something from this list and have an amazing weekend full of hazy memories, hilariously slurred show-tunes, and the possibility of an epic puke in the name of gaming glory.

Two hot girls playing beer pong with ice racks
N-ice Racks. Perfect name for a product, as far as I'm concerned.

What Not to Talk About on a Date

Girl laying on her back looking upEvery man dreads that moment when uncomfortable silence falls across the table during a date- how do you avoid the terrifyingly awkward pauses that can destroy the good time vibes? Unfortunately, just making the effort to fill the silence is not going to be enough…unless you enjoy watching your date squirm while trying to fashion a noose out of her napkin, in which case, go right ahead and tell her all about that weird, painful stuff that’s growing between your toes. I’ve put together a handy guide of no-go topics to avoid when trying to get to know the object of your affection… keep these in mind, and you’ll never find yourself wondering how it is that every girl you take for coffee mysteriously has a relative die right before you ask to take her home.

Women are like wild animals- and before you think I’m being derogatory, consider this: We can smell your fear. We can instantly tell if you’re having a panic attack. You may think you’re putting up a mysterious manly face, but the truth of the matter is, you’re sweating, you’re looking everywhere but at me, and you kind of look like you need to use the washroom.

Hot Car, Hot Girl, Hot Track

If you’re looking for some driving music to get your heartrate up, check out Martin Solveig’s “I Want You“- outside

Curly Bracket Moustache Mustache Typestache

Your Moustache and You: Facial Hair with Flair

The most manly accessory you can wear won’t cost you a penny: the moustache is every man’s best friend- dogs have nothing on a well groomed, stylish ‘stache. “But Unfinished Man,” you say, “I don’t know what type of moustache I should grow!” And, as per usual, we have all the answers you’ll need. If you’re a classic kind of guy,  The American Mustache Institute’s Style Guide is for you. But you probably need to see some examples before you decide on your favorite, so we found this handy guide, conveniently demonstrated on one of the manliest guys around: