An Insider Into The BMW 330e

The original BMW 330e was introduced in March 2019; since then, it has had a facelift in May 2022, and the 2023 version will be worth waiting for. 

The 330e has two variations, with a few thousand in terms of the price difference, and just like the previous year comes in xDRIVE AWD and RWD. 

The exterior comes with a refresh; notable changes make the model much more attractive. The clear contour lines, slimmer headlights, and the inverted L-shaped daylight running lights are interesting to look at. Combined with the new apron (although that will vary in design by the variant you choose) and the fresh kidney grille update – the BMW 330e has never looked better. 

Several sizes of alloy wheels are available – up to 19 inches, and the rear end is revamped. Although when it comes to wheels, it’s better to switch them out for better wheel rims for better fuel efficiency – and you will want to make those adjustments to get the most from this car. 

In all, the facelift has made an impressive impact, leaving a beautiful-looking car inside and out. 

The inside had significant changes, including a stunning curved display, a 14.3-inch central display merge, and a 12.3 virtual instrument cluster. The screen is high-res and completely digital. The AC vents have been made slimmer too. 

Additional touch-control options have been added, making the whole thing more elegant. The High Gloss, Fine Wood Ash Grey-Brown trim, has been replaced, and instead, an Open Pore Fine Wood Oak Grain trim is standard across all 330 variants. 

For those familiar with BMW OS, you’ll be happy to hear that there is an addition of an Intelligent Personal Assistant that works with vocal instructions – just like Alexa, Siri, and Google. You can make commands like opening windows and the sunroof or turning up the AC. 

The revamped 330e now comes with the Connected Package Professional, which contains essential functions, including Stolen Vehicle Recovery, On-Street Parking Information for your chosen city (meaning exploration is much easier), Remote Door Unlock, Hazard Preview, BMW Remote Services, and the very handy My BMW App. 

You can find the app here: BMW App Link

You can have both a personal SIM and an eSIM active simultaneously – with 5g connectivity. 

Faux leather, which BMW calls SensaTec for the upholstery and is vegan, although you can change that out for leather if you want. 

The BMW 330e blends an electric motor that is neatly fitted into the eight-speed Steptronic automatic transmission with the same 2.0-liter, four-cylinder turbo petrol engine that you’ll find in the ordinary 320i. Performance-wise, they’re similar.  

The XtraBoost is an exciting addition; while it sounds like the boost from The Fast & The Furious, it is part of the BMW’s Sport settings, and to activate it, you press the button and add some extra pressure to the gas. The official max has been released as 249bhp without the XtraBoost. 

With Xtraboost, you’re looking at 289bhp, and the difference of the 40 comes directly from the electric motor, so it comes in swiftly. But that XtraBoost lasts for about 10 seconds at a time and can still be used even if there doesn’t appear to be juice in the hybrid battery – nice. 

What really matters is the BMW 330e’s fuel economy and charging time, though. It’s a great car  (but it does have less trunk room than some other models). If you stick to short journeys and go heavy on electric power, BMW says you can get a CO2 emission of 39g/km and 138 mpg. 

To get those figures, you’ll need to ensure the BMW 330e is hooked up to the mains after each run. It takes about 3 hours and 25 minutes to charge from the BMW i Wallbox, but you can charge it from your house mains with a plug, which will take 5 hours and about 40 minutes. 




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