A Quick Guide to Taking a French Luxury Holiday

France is renowned as one of the best holiday destinations for its world-famous art, culture, fine cuisine and romantic ambiance. From its breath-taking scenery, mountains, beaches to boutique hotels, chateaus, everything attracts tourists from worldwide.

Moreover, France offers various accommodation options to spend your romantic holiday or family vacation. For example, you can get a luxurious experience if you’re planning on renting luxury villas, whether in French Riviera or Loire Valley.

So, are you preparing for a French luxury holiday? This guide will help you to plan the perfect vacation with some quick tips. Below you’ll some tips for your trip in France, one of the most beautiful and romantic countries in Europe.

Visit Countryside, Beaches and Mountains

When it comes to spending a luxurious holiday, France has all varieties. From mountains, beaches to greenery, everything you can get in this country.

If you prefer a peaceful time, visit the countryside like Loire Valley, Bayeux, Colmar, etc. Here you can explore extensive ranges of old castles, vineyards and stunning architecture.

Besides, France has some perfect seaside places that you can enjoy if you’re taking a holiday in summer or spring. For example, the beach in Etretat, Normandy, is renowned for its rock formation that’s carved out of its white cliffs. Its astonishing sea views and sea caves are the most beautiful.

Apart from that, French Alps is the most visited mountain in France for different sports. You can also check the other main mountain ranges like Mont Blanc, Vosges, Massif Central etc.

Book A Luxury Villa

Your tour to France will be incomplete if you don’t stay at a luxury villa. France is a great place where you can book or rent a villa to spend your time with friends or family.

You can opt to rent villas in various parts like La Chateaux Millenaire in Provence, built in the 12th century and offers four huge suites, living rooms, a library and a swimming pool. Or, you can choose the Pearl at Loire Valley, a fairytale-like chateau surrounded by hundred years old oak trees.

Every villa offers high-end hospitality, mesmerizing views, fine dining, vineyards, wine cellars and many more to make your holiday memorable.

If you prefer seaside views, you can rent a historic castle in Normandy or book a villa in St-Jean-De-Luz, Brittany, Basque Country etc. Here you can enjoy the sweeping view of the ocean, marine surroundings, beachside sports and others.

Even if you wish, go for luxury villas to rent in Spain. They have plenty of affordable holiday villas offering you a personal kitchen where you can cook by yourself and save money.

Experience Fine-Dining

France is not only famous for its beautiful castles or villas but also food and wine. This country is the home for the best Michelin star restaurants.

For instance, you can dine at La Grande Cascade in Paris that has a unique décor with retro-modern style making it a perfect venue for a romantic dinner or corporate lunches. Or, if you like fresh vegetables, try Arpege that serves vegetable-inspired food.

If you want to enjoy your meal with seafood, Bistrot 1954 is the best option. It welcomes you with contemporary decoration, wooden furniture and chef’s special fish items fresh produces from Brittany’s.

Otherwise, you can enjoy dessert at Epicure, savory dishes at Alain Ducasse au Plaza Athenee, traditional French items at Le Pre Catalan etc. Additionally, France is world-famous for its finest wine production. So, you can try out different wines with your tasty meal at a fancy French restaurant.

Tour at Historical Sites

While traveling to France, you should visit the historical sites. There’re 41 UNESCO-recognized heritage sites that you can enjoy and take lessons about French history and culture. In addition, France boasts popular museums, art galleries and cathedrals that represent centuries-old beauty.

The world’s highest visited art museum is the Louvre in Paris. It’s a multi-level maze of passageways, galleries, escalators and staircases. The gallery has 35,000 famous artworks, including the Monalisa.

The other top art galleries and museums you must not miss are Musee d’Orsay, Palais de Tokyo, Versailles Palace, Centre Pompidou etc.

Enjoy Skiing and Spend Nights at Ski Resort

France has become a favorite destination for ski lovers. Mostly in winters, a record number of skiers visit this country for skiing.

Basically, France offers the largest and extensive areas for skiing, especially in the French Alps mountain. The easy accessibility, affordable skiing deals and modern facilities have made this place so popular among people.

Furthermore, you can book a ski resort with a stunning view. You can choose from modern styled resorts to traditional décor to have a luxurious experience.

Though apart from skiing, you can enjoy different other activities also. Such as ice-skating, mountain hiking, biking, dog-sledding, snow-shoeing, etc., are available to entertain you. In short, France is a diverse country for an exclusive and luxurious vacation.




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